The Greatest Hits: 2018 in Britt’s Pick

It’s the most cliché thing I can possibly say in the intro sentence to a year-end blog roundup, but: I can’t believe this year is nearly over. I really can’t.

This was such a big year for me personally, and the rate at which it has flown by is more evident than it has ever been before. Because this year, rather than measuring time by how many new destinations we’ve visited, or who and what I saw at JCK Las Vegas, I’ve been watching my daughter grow. And it’s all been passing by far, far too quickly.

So while I welcome the new adventures—and jewels!—2019 will surely bring, I lament the passing of this year only for the sentimental reason that I just want to grasp onto these moments and hold them tight for as long as possible, because this time next year will come up as quickly as they all do (and I’ll most certainly be saying, “Wow, can’t believe it’s almost 2020!”).

So if you’ll permit me a stroll down memory lane, I’ll take you through the Britt’s Picks that made my year shine bright (my consistent Tuesday feature, broken with only while the wonderful Kristin Young held down the fort for me while I was on maternity leave). What a year for jewelry it’s been. Thanks, as always, for enjoying it with me!


Alison Antelman Hinged Icicle earrings
Hingled Icicle earrings in 18k and 22k yellow gold, oxidized sterling silver, and stainless steel, with tourmaline and diamonds, $875; Alison Antelman

“Handcrafted in oxidized silver, 18k and 22k yellow gold, and stainless steel, the pair combines an industrial style with delicately placed gemstones, showcasing the power of opposing forces. Three spokes hang from each earring, each spoke dangling a bezel-set diamond, a faceted teal tourmaline, and at the center, a rose-cut tourmaline encased in an organic border of gold.” Read more.

AS29 Cascade diamond earrings
Cascade earrings in white and black gold with black and white diamonds, $25,580; AS29

“I love their shoulder-skimming length, their ombré arrangement of dark-to-light diamonds, and their arrow shape, which makes them youthful. They would have been right at home on the red carpet, but I’m in love with them for any occasion.” Read more.


Eduardo Sanchez fire opal necklace
Querencia collection necklace in 14k white and yellow gold with 54.05 cts. t.w. Mexican fire opals and 6.58 cts. t.w. diamonds, $135,000; Eduardo Sanchez

“Hailing from Sanchez’s Querencia collection, one that pays homage to the designer’s home country, the piece features four 24k pure gold Maximilianos coins, each one encircled in diamonds, and a charm-like placement of 10 Mexican fire opal pieces (that’s not including the big one, arguably the design’s centerpiece).” Read more.

Tal Barkel Panther ring
The Panther ring in 18k blackened gold with 8.18 ct. pink sapphire, 1.18 cts. t.w. tapered diamonds, and 2.43 cts. t.w. round diamonds, price on request; Tal Barkel

“The Panther ring by Tal Barkel shows off its unheated sapphire, clocking in at just over 8 carats, exceptionally well. Setting it in silky blackened gold, the one-of-a-kind design turns the volume way up on the color pink.” Read more.

Fernando Jorge Electric Shock emerald earrings
Electric Shock earrings in 18k rose gold with 14.5 cts. t.w. emeralds, $32,610; Fernando Jorge

“With 14.5 carats of the precious gem, they’re certainly no slouch in the weight department, but it’s the designated, wave-like setting of pear and round-shape emeralds that imparts the biggest impact. The resulting pattern really does appear as an electric shock, or, perhaps, the image of a heartbeat (they sure are enough to send your heart racing just a little faster).” Read more.

Eriness multicolor band
Domed ring in 14k yellow gold with rubies, sapphires, amethysts, and emeralds, $1,195; Eriness

“It brings me joy by simply seeing this ring, a mix of rainbow sprinkles against a background of yellow gold (which brings another thought—how great would this ring be for someone celebrating a special birthday?). While the official colors of Fat Tuesday are purple, green, and gold (representing justice, faith, and power, respectively), you can’t deny the merriment of this full spectrum of hues.” Read more.

Margisa Meadow of Diamonds ring
Meadow of Diamonds ring in 18k white and yellow gold with 0.3 ct. t.w. diamonds, $2,990; Margisa

“Dubbed the Meadow of Diamonds, this two-tone creation is spectacularly awash with detail, from delicate swirls to the scalloped edges, and everywhere in between. The band features seven lucky diamonds (as described by the brand), bezel-set in silky yellow gold, each one not quite aligning with the next, like a carousel of stones bobbing up and down as it spins around and around.” Read more.

Omi Prive platinum sapphire ring
Ring in platinum with 13.26 ct. emerald-cut sapphire, 1.31 cts. t.w. baguette diamonds, and 0.22 ct. t.w. round brilliant diamonds, price on request; Omi Privé

“It had to be this ring in particular today, with its colorful presence that hints at the iciness of winter just as much as the pastel peace of spring—sort of the ideal bridge between the two seasons, which is where many of us (at least on the East Coast) are finding ourselves right now. Do I need a jacket today? (The answer is nearly always yes, with the caveat that once I arrive at my destination, I will feel overheated). The logistical joys of changing seasons.” Read more.

Sutra garnet and spinel earrings
Earrings in 18k pink gold with 10 cts. t.w. garnets, 14 cts. t.w. spinel, and 3 cts. t.w. diamonds, price on request; Sutra

“They would have looked fabulous on the red carpet, and I’m hoping that this sort of color play will extend well beyond the close of awards season (which, I guess starts now).” Read more.

Eva Stone Circles ring
Circles ring in sterling silver and black ruthenium plating with black diamonds, $360; Eva Stone

“Named Circles, I don’t think it’s really meant to be roses at all, but the spiraling pattern that clusters along the ruthenium-blackened band bears a striking resemblance to the blooms. That the setting is gleefully dark—add to it the black diamond trio that dances across it—lends a gothic look, creating the scene for an epic romance rife with drama.” Read more.

Jane Taylor pastel rainbow huggie earrings
Huggie earrings in 14k yellow gold with 0.42 ct. t.w. mixed pastel sapphires, $925; Jane Taylor

“They clinch that well-composed look and more with their surge of color, brightening any look you could dream up. They’d look great in an earring group, too, if you wanted to mix and match with some studs or even another pair of huggies to get really creative.” Read more.

Just Jules emerald Commitments ring
Commitments collection engagement ring in 14k white gold with 1 ct. Colombian emerald, 0.95 ct. t.w. rose-cut diamonds, and 0.12 ct. t.w. pavé diamonds, $6,600; Just Jules

“For me, this ring goes above and beyond simply being green, though. Its hand-fabricated combination of shapes—a square-edge halo flanked by angled, kite-shape sides—is the most geometrically pleasing look, a flawless grouping. And those side stones? Swoon, rose-cut diamonds. It doesn’t get better than rose-cut diamonds.” Read more.

Nanis Reverse ring
Ocean Blue Reverse ring in 18k yellow gold with mother-of-pearl and London blue topaz doublet and green sapphire, Swiss blue topaz, and blue diamonds, $5,300; Nanis Italian Jewels

“Ocean Blue is ideal for the summer, because—as the name implies—it evokes the sea. Both variations make me feel warm and sunned and happy, which is all anyone can ask for when it’s April and still cold outside.” Read more.

Dana Bronfman turquoise Earth Treasure ring
Earth Treasure collection ring in 18k yellow gold with 7 ct. Sleeping Beauty turquoise and 0.15 ct. t.w. diamonds, $2,655; Dana Bronfman

“With a signature Coin band setting sprinkled in diamonds and the robin’s-egg blue gem, Bronfman’s work is evident at first glance—even if you find yourself a bit distracted by the turquoise’s entrancing beauty. ‘Matte yellow gold and turquoise look so beautiful together,’ says the designer. ‘My Coin stud earrings inspired the band design.’ ” Read more.

Ania Haie hoop earrings
Geometry Class earrings in sterling silver, $59; Ania Haie

“For an excellent assortment of hoops, there is Ania Haiea London-based jewelry (or jewellery, if you’re from across the pond) brand that will be showing for the first time at JCK Las Vegas this year. Offering an array of sterling silver jewelry at attainable price points, its styles are easily crowd favorites: Just trendy enough without being a passing phase, sleek and classic for every day and every individual’s taste.” Read more.

Dorian and Rose Deco diamond band
Deco band in 18k yellow gold with 3.9 cts. t.w. diamonds, price on request; Dorian & Rose

“The Deco band is handcrafted in 18k yellow gold, and the expertly detailed texture around each bezel frames the diamonds, both round and square. Those diamonds make up nearly 4 cts.—a substantial weight for such a momentous occasion (if this were to be a 25th-anniversary band, that is).” Read more.

Ela Rae elephant charm necklace
Sylvie Luxe necklace in hand-knotted silk and 14k yellow gold, with pyrite and champagne diamonds, price on request; Ela Rae

“Since I am now Mother of Elephants, I was instantly captivated with this charming necklace by Ela Rae. Skilled with bohemian-style jewelry, the New York–based company, helmed by creative director and founder, Pamela Mufson, is exhibiting at JCK Las Vegas for the first time this year.” Read more.

Parade Design rubellite ring
Ring in 18k rose gold with rubellite and diamonds, price on request; Parade Design

” In the flesh, I’d be enjoying a chat with their wonderful team, surveying the new goods, and piling my fingers high with any assortment of cocktail, stacking, and engagement rings. I would then proceed to snap no less than 50 photos of my hands wearing the rings, because, ironically, although I’m not a bad photographer, the category I’m worst at capturing is jewelry.” Read more.

Hyrv enamel Papillons ring
Papillons ring in sterling silver with lavender enamel and 8 mm freshwater pearl, €120 ($140); Hyrv

“Hyrv is based in Tallinn, Estonia, and run by founder and creative director Kateryna Pishon. The brand just concluded its first showing in the Design Center at JCK Las Vegas this year, coming away an Editor’s Choice winner as a JCK Rising Star.” Read more.

Melis Goral turquoise pendant
Deep Sea collection pendant in 18k white gold with turquoise and diamonds, $1,900; Melis Goral

“Its Art Deco style, with geometric accents and dainty diamonds, provides the look of grace, while its dog-tag style makes me feel as though it belongs on a beach. It’s like, the most glamorous surfer on earth should be wearing this necklace. That’s a look I would very much like to perfect, no surfing lessons necessary.” Read more.

Nina Nguyen interchangeable earrings
Earring jackets in 18k yellow gold with moonstone, chrysoprase, and aquamarine, dangling from hoop earrings in 18k yellow gold with diamonds, $2,500; Nina Nguyen

“The designer’s signature look is getting mixed and matched with her new, patent-pending design. Unveiled at the 2018 JCK Las Vegas show, the earring collection features an interchangeable design that allows the gemstone mechanism to dangle from hoop earrings, turned into a pendant, or used as a charm.” Read more.

Colette rainbow star duster earrings
Carina Star Dusters in 18k yellow gold with enamel and 0.65 ct. t.w. diamonds, $4,889; Colette Jewelry

“And then there’s the enamel. Another big theme in Vegas, the painted color adorned everything from big diamond rings to bangle bracelets and everything in between. That pop of brightness goes hand-in-hand with the rainbow aesthetic, though it’s been more common to see a single use of color in any given piece. This variety featured in Colette’s earrings makes them all the more special.” Read more.

Anne Sportun Pebble wrap bracelet
Wrap bracelet in yellow gold with 0.55 ct. t.w. black and white round brilliant diamonds, $1,185; Anne Sportun

“Sportun’s Wrap collection comprises not only styles like the one pictured, but also bracelets featuring gemstone beads, if your customer is so inclined to dress her summer arms in a bit more color. Each piece is highly wearable, and, according to the designer’s website, are ‘to be given, received, and worn in thoughtfulness.’ ” Read more.

Lika Behar aquamarine pebble necklace
Pebble necklace in 24k yellow gold with 413 cts. t.w. aquamarine beads, $7,150; Lika Behar

“Composed of an impressive 413 total cts. of aquamarine, this is no subtle trinket—but it would be seen as the centerpiece to someone’s entire vacation wardrobe. You don’t accessorize with the necklace, you plan your ensembles around it.” Read more.

Laura Medine moonstone ring
Ring in 18k white gold with 12.04 ct. moonstone, 0.1 ct. alexandrite, and 0.24 ct. t.w. diamonds, $3,000; Laura Medine

“It’s an eye-catching style that I interpret in a number of ways: a river of diamonds traveling through a landscape of moonstone; a shimmering moonstone mirror cracked through the center, revealing a layer of sparkle; a flawlessly finished jigsaw puzzle.” Read more.

Julie Genet King Frog ring
King Frog ring in 18k white gold with 16.5 mm Tahitian gray button pearl and 0.28 ct. t.w. diamonds, €4,060 ($4,750); Julie Genet

“The spiny fingers of a frog grasp the ‘golden ball,’ in this case, not golden at all, but a 16.5 mm Tahitian gray button pearl. This ‘ball’ is the key to the frog’s story, because it’s what gets him an audience with the princess in the first place, so I appreciate that the jewelry designer chose to spotlight such a vital element, where many would select something more literal.” Read more.

Pamela Froman Ellie sunstone ring
Ellie ring in 18k pink and yellow gold with 3.17 ct. specialty-cut sunstone and 0.49 ct. t.w. diamonds, $11,950; Pamela Froman

“The Ellie ring is a popular seller for Froman, so it actually comes in a number of different stones. But it’s this iteration, with a 3.17 ct. specialty-cut sunstone, that has my eye. I’m not that familiar with sunstone—it’s not a gem you see often—and for that, I think I like it more. I love its seamless blend of green and whiskey brown, as it caters to my craving for autumn—wouldn’t this be the perfect gemstone representation of the upcoming season?” Read more.

Vanessa Montiel Golden Puka hoop earrings
Golden Puka hoop earrings in 22k gold vermeil with sustainably sourced puka shells, $280; Vanessa Montiel

“This pair is extra special, because they’ve been kissed by a nested row of puka shells. Puka, which means ‘hole’ in Hawaiian, has a storied history of its own. Found on some beaches in Hawaii, the smooth, bead-like style was carved by nature during its tumbling journey through the ocean.” Read more.

Frederic Sage rhodolite ring
One-of-a-kind ring in 18k white gold with 4.83 ct. rhodolite garnet and 0.74 ct. t.w. diamonds, $9,980; Frederic Sage

“It’s a fabulous shade of red that’s neither too deep nor too light—and, being rhodolite, it’s a wonderful alternative to the ever-sought-after ruby. Its rosy hue is the fashion equivalent to fall’s soft suedes that I find to be an irresistible yearly addition to my new seasonal wardrobe, so obviously I feel the same way about this ring—it’s a must-have.” Read more.

Belle Etoile Nairobi bracelet
Nairobi bangle in sterling silver with Italian enamel and CZ, $350; Belle Étoile

“There’s a bit of personal inspiration that helped create the designs seen here, too. ‘One of my best friends married her longtime boyfriend from Kenya, and some inspiration for this collection actually comes from the colorful clothes he always wears,’ ” says Carolyn Thamkul, executive vice president of Belle Étoile.” Read more.

Nanis aquamarine earrings
Dancing in the Rain earrings in 18k yellow gold with aquamarine and diamonds, $1,905; Nanis Italian Jewels

“I find aquamarine to be one of the most versatile stones there is. For one thing, blue is a major crowd-pleaser, and the fact that it’s a primary color means it can match pretty favorably with anything. This can be true for any shade of blue, but aquamarine in particular is especially agreeable.” Read more.

Ferrari Firenze lapis Twist Twist ring
Twist Twist collection ring in yellow gold with 4.56 cts. t.w. lapis lazuli and 0.1 ct. cream diamond, price on request; Ferrari Firenze

“From the Italian company’s Twist Twist collection, the ring actually hits three major trends for the fall season. The aforementioned blue (which, while not really a trend, is a major color set to dominate 2019), its use of hard stones (opaque gems like the lapis lazuli you see here), and the fact that its construction is in rich, chunky gold.” Read more.

Nei Group dendritic agate pendant
Necklace in 14k rose gold with dendritic agate, $2,895; NEI Group

“I think that’s why it feels so appropriate for autumn, and Halloween in particular. True, its colors are perfect for this season, all creams and browns and a dash of black. But that look of something seen long ago feels bigger than just a pretty pendant.” Read more.

Shefi Diamonds palm tree bracelet
Palm tree bypass bangle bracelet in 14k white and yellow gold with 1 ct. t.w. diamonds, $3,799; Shefi Diamonds

“With its two-tone design—white gold and yellow gold split evenly down the center, giving it a color-blocked look—and diamond accents, it doesn’t scream summer. But the twin palm trees, dancing in bypass style, are all anyone needs as a reminder of the season. It’s an ode to summer that needn’t be worn solely in summer.” Read more.

Hatai Jewelry elephant enamel bangle
Open bangle bracelet in sterling silver and 22k yellow gold with hand-painted enamel and natural ruby cabochons, price on request; Hatai Jewelry

“From Hatai Jewelry, this vermeil bangle bracelet is regally adorned with a tusked elephant duo, their golden trunks detailed with enamel tiles and their ears painted creamy white. The bracelet is hinged for ease of wear, so it can slip effortlessly on any wrist, or even somewhere further up the arm if you’d like.” Read more.

Kattan rough diamond layer necklace
Contemporary three-stone necklace in 18k rose gold with 1.52 cts. t.w. rough diamonds and 0.68 ct. t.w. round white diamonds, $8,000; Kattan

“Its easy layers are all rolled into one sleek piece, lending that sweet layered look in one easy swoop. Make no mistake, it’s a stunning statement necklace, whether the masses are in layering mode. But for those who do want the look of multiples and either aren’t really game for gathering numerous necklaces or just want the on-off convenience of a single piece, it’s just the thing.” Read more.

Tessa Packard Manhattan ring
Manhattan ring in 18k yellow gold with lapis lazuli, $8,500; Tessa Packard

“This delicious Manhattan ring kicks off the cocktail party. Like its collection name, the title of this ring serves as a homonym: Referring to the delectable combination of vermouth, whiskey, and bitters, while at the same time representing the Big Apple.” Read more.

Lee Jewellery opal butterfly ring
Butterfly ring in titanium with 8.63 ct. black opal, 12.183 cts. t.w. colored gemstones, and 2.02 cts. t.w. diamonds, $32,000; Lee Jewellery

“I would say that the pear-shape black opal, clocking in at 8.63 cts., is the star of the design, and that’s probably pretty close to true. But this is an ensemble cast, complete with a rainbow array of colored gemstones and—the really cool finishing touch—titanium anodized to shades of purple and blue, all glistening and bright.” Read more.

Nostalzia Knot necklace
Knot necklace in yellow gold with 3.9 cts. t.w. mother-of-pearl and diamonds, $1,100; Nostalzia

“Pearlescent, iridescent, rainbow—however you want to describe them, styles like these are lovely for the holidays. You’ll no doubt see plenty of that sheen in everything from decor to attire, so why not choose the jewelry to match?” Read more.

Herco gemstone necklace
Necklace in 14k yellow gold with 68.2 cts. t.w. lemon topaz, citrine, and green amethysts, and 0.36 ct. t.w. diamonds, $8,226 (16 inches); $8,450 (18 inches); Herco

“There are more than 68 cts. of colored gemstones in this baby, set with lemon topaz, citrine, and green amethysts. A single diamond sits between each stone in this eclectic collection, which is composed of an assortment of cuts from pear to round to emerald.” Read more.

Brooke Gregson Talisman earrings
Talisman collection circle earrings in 18k yellow gold with 2.16 cts. t.w. sapphires and 0.23 ct. t.w. diamonds, $20,000 (sold); Brooke Gregson

“Gregson’s hand-engraved and enameled surfaces look like something else to me, too. The round shape paired with a series of grooved lines resembles that of a record, which is perfect for me since listening to records at Christmas is the epitome—or at the very least, one vital aspect—of the holidays.” Read more.

Facet Barcelona rainbow earrings
Trends collection earrings in 14k rose gold with 0.1 ct. t.w. treated diamonds, price on request; Facet Barcelona

“They maintain the cheery disposition of the rainbow trend that belongs to spring and summer while toning it down with slightly deeper, more autumnal and winter-worthy shades.” Read more.

Alex Woo Finding Nemo pendants
Little Icon Dory pendant in sterling silver and enamel, $158; Little Icon Finding Dory logo pendant in 14k yellow gold, $598; Little Icon Nemo pendant in sterling silver and enamel, $138; Alex Woo

“Nemo and Dory have been rereleased and updated to include hand-painted enamel for the first time (you can also get a version in 14k white gold with diamonds that is just divine, and it’s an über-sophisticated way to sport your love for everyone’s favorite little clown fish and Dory, too!).” Read more.

Omi Prive padparadscha ring
Ring in platinum with 5.01 ct. cushion-cut padparadscha sapphire, 2.51 cts. t.w. pear-shape diamonds, and 0.18 ct. t.w. round brilliant diamonds, price on request; Omi Privé

“This one, a cushion-cut beauty at just over 5 cts., is a strawberry ice sensation that shines brighter than Rudolph’s nose and gives famous padparadschas (Lady Gaga’s engagement ring, and Princess Eugenie’s as well) excellent company.” Read more.

Hania Kuzbari Smile necklace
Smile collection Desdemona necklace in 14k yellow gold and sterling silver with 1 ct. t.w. blue tourmaline, 0.6 ct. t.w. blue sapphires, 0.26 ct. t.w. yellow sapphires, 0.1 ct. t.w. tsavorite, and 0.18 ct. t.w. diamonds, price on request; Hania Kuzbari

“If Kuzbari’s creations were bold and exuberant then, they’re even brighter and more whimsical now. She’s expanding her Smile collection, a line of “fun and uplifting bejeweled faces,” with an assortment of fine friends featuring cheery, encouraging expressions that radiate happiness.” Read more.

Martha Seely onyx Comet earrings
Shooting Stars collection Comet earrings in 14k yellow gold with 25 cts. t.w. hand-cut onyx, 6 mm pink tourmalines, and diamonds, $6,270; Martha Seely

“The Comet earrings, from the designer’s Shooting Stars collection, are instant classics with an updated twist. The hand-cut black onyx is sleek and shiny, pairing beautifully with shimmering curves of diamonds that trail behind soaring round pink tourmalines—the colorful comets of the scene.” Read more.

At top: Animalier collection Hedgehog ring in 18k rose and black gold with 7.09 cts. t.w. black sapphires and 0.02 ct. t.w. brown diamonds, price on request; Roberto Coin (that edition of Britt’s Pick, here).

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