Britt’s Pick: The Reverse Ring by Nanis Italian Jewels

There’s nothing better than versatility, particularly when it comes to what you wear. Versatile items help you to do more with less, and purchases of those items are ones that you can feel really good about. Who doesn’t want more bang for their buck?

The Reverse collection by Nanis Italian Jewels offers just such versatility in jewelry design. A collection that allows its wearer to choose how a piece is displayed, Reverse mimics a double-sided mirror in concept. One side presents a larger, broad view; flip to the other side, and you get a more detailed look.

You can see how this concept is applied with two of its rings featured here. One side is a larger gem look, comprised of a single stone (or doublet); the other, a collection of pavé stones in varying colors, with polished gold details and engraving throughout.

There are two variations of Reverse: Ocean Blue, featuring a mother-of-pearl and London blue topaz doublet on one side and a pavé collection of blue diamonds, green sapphires, and Swiss blue topaz on the other; and Flower Bouquet, showcasing a green labradorite and rock crystal doublet, and tsavorite, pink sapphire, and amethyst pave on its opposing side. If you want more variation in color, Flower Bouquet is probably your best bet, though you can’t go wrong with either choice as blue goes with anything and everything.

Nanis Italian Jewels Flower Bouquet Reverse ring
Flower Bouquet Reverse ring in 18k yellow gold with green labradorite and rock crystal doublet, tsavorite, pink sapphire, and amethyst, $3,135
Reverse Ring Flower Bouquet Nanis Italian Jewelers
Flower Bouquet Reverse ring (alternate view)

Perhaps it’s their given monikers, but I liken the Flower Bouquet ring to the perfect choice for spring. With its fresh collection of colors, it’s like a portable painted garden that packs a whole season in its relatively small size.

Ocean Blue is ideal for the summer, because—as the name implies—it evokes the sea. Both variations make me feel warm and sunned and happy, which is all anyone can ask for when it’s April and still cold outside.

Nanis will be featuring this collection on display at LUXURY by JCK this year, so be sure to head over and enjoy not only the sight of the pieces, but also the unusual functionality.

(Top image: Ocean Blue Reverse ring in 18k yellow gold with mother-of-pearl and London blue topaz doublet and green sapphire, Swiss blue topaz, and blue diamonds, $5,300)

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