Britt’s Pick: Alison Antelman’s Hinged Icicle Earrings

New Year’s resolution time: I’m not going to wish this year away. Nope, not gonna rush through it. Not going to will the days to fly by. Okay, I probably will (I’m looking ahead to the weekend already, so that’s not much of a start).

But the least I can do, in my incessant countdowns to the next big thing (whatever they may be) is to acknowledge—and be grateful for—the everyday. Doing so means appreciating each day for what it is—even those in winter, that freezing cold, often dreary season, often left even more melancholy and desolate with the departure of the glittering holiday season.

Yet, there is beauty in winter; you just have to adjust your fogged up lenses a little bit. Those dreadfully cold days spent stuck inside? A beautiful excuse to snuggle. That random snowstorm coating everything in thick layers of slush? There’s beauty there, too, in the snow, and even the ice.

Alison Antelman already knew this, it seems, and so her Icicle earrings showcase that beauty of winter with the artisan touch the designer is known for. Handcrafted in oxidized silver, 18k and 22k yellow gold, and stainless steel, the pair combine an industrial style with delicately placed gemstones, showcasing the power of opposing forces. Three spokes hang from each earring, each spoke dangling a bezel-set diamond, a faceted teal tourmaline, and at the center, a rose-cut tourmaline encased in an organic border of gold.

The urban edge you see in Antelman’s designs is attributable to her inspiration, New York City. You can really make it out here, now that you know—these aren’t woodsy icicles, they belong to the city. Just another variation of winter’s beauty that I insist be recognized this year.

Interest piqued? I wrote about Antelman as a sterling silver brand you should know in last year’s April issue of JCK Magazine, and you can read more here!

Hingled Icicle earrings in 18k and 22k yellow gold, oxidized sterling silver, and stainless steel, with tourmaline and diamonds, $875

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