Britt’s Pick: Carina Star Duster Earrings by Colette

I’ve never done a Britt’s Pick based solely on a jewel found on Instagram before, but no jewel has stopped me in my tracks the way Colette‘s creation did over the weekend.

Dubbed the Carina Star Dusters, this long, dangling, ear-climbing pair tickles the fancy in ways that needn’t be articulated—all one needs to do is look. But since this is a blog where one is expected to use words, I might give it a try.

I’m blown away by the design’s use of stars, a personal favorite icon of mine, and would be attracted to this design no matter what’s currently making waves in the industry. But, as the earrings hit on at least a trio of currently popular styles, they’re a triple threat and then some.

First up: a rainbow of color. Rainbow jewelry is bigger than ever, with an overwhelming number of accounts from Las Vegas Jewelry Week pointing to droves of multicolored creations spotted at the shows. As we’re currently wrapping up the month of June—Pride Month—my Instagram feed was chock-full of rainbows, many of which were the jewelry variety. This photo fit right in and stood right out at the same time. I like its mix of pastel and bold colors, particularly that soft pink and rich, kelly green.

And then there’s the enamel. Another big theme in Vegas, the painted color adorned everything from big diamond rings to bangle bracelets and everything in between. That pop of brightness goes hand-in-hand with the rainbow aesthetic, though it’s been more common to see a single use of color in any given piece. This variety featured in Colette’s earrings makes them all the more special.

And finally—and this one is more my interpretation than the intention of the design—there’s the superhero angle. What with Marvel still raking it in from Deadpool 2 and Pixar’s Incredibles 2 doing big business, that exploding aesthetic—you know the kind, the one you see in comic books that goes bang! pow!—is very now. And while Colette’s icons are technically stars, they still have a bit of that look that makes them playfully loud and bold.

These earrings are from Colette’s Galaxia Enamel collection, and there are plenty of matching styles to accompany them (they’re also pictured with two pairs of the brand’s Twinkle stud earrings). Check them all out at

Top: Carina Star Dusters in 18k yellow gold with enamel and 0.65 ct. t.w. diamonds, $4,889 (image via: @colettejewelry)

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