Britt’s Pick: The Disney-Pixar Holiday Collection by Alex Woo

Prepare thyselves: There’s a whole lot of Disney coming at ya today and for the rest of the week (or more!). Having just returned from a trip to Walt Disney World in celebration of Citizen’s partnership with The Mouse (stay tuned for more on that soon), I’m still flying high from a generous sprinkling of pixie dust.

Alex Woo‘s holiday announcement came at the perfect time. The jeweler is, as always, on point with her magical selection, this time offering a limited-edition collection of Disney-Pixar favorites, just in time for Christmas (ahem, earth to Secret Santa).

Alex Woo Bullseye horseshoe pendant
Little Icon Bullseye horseshoe pendant in sterling silver, $138
Alex Woo sheriff star pendant
Mini Addition Sheriff Star in 14k yellow gold, $148
















For those fans of the rootin’ tootin’ cowboy doll Woody and his Roundup gang, there’s the Mini Addition Sheriff Star and the new Little Icon Bullseye horseshoe.

Alex Woo Infinity Rocket pendant
Little Icon Infinity Rocket pendant in sterling silver with enamel, $168

And for those who prefer spaceships to saddles, there’s the Little Icon Infinity Rocket—available with hand-painted enamel (my absolute favorite of the new releases) and without an ode to Buzz Lightyear’s famous line. If you need me to tell you what that line is, or even that these characters are from Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story films, we do not live on the same planet (because Toy Story fans live on Pizza Planet, of course).

We’re all about Finding Nemo in our house—we took baby to every Nemo experience we could find in Disney World—so the enameled adorables pictured at top feel super timely. Nemo and Dory have been rereleased and updated to include hand-painted enamel for the first time (you can also get a version in 14k white gold with diamonds that is just divine, and it’s an über-sophisticated way to sport your love for everyone’s favorite little clown fish and Dory, too!).

Alex Woo Coco enamel pendant
Little Icon Sugar Skull in sterling silver with enamel, $178

Finally, Woo has released an enamel-accented version of the Sugar Skull inspired by the movie Coco, an absolutely beautiful treasure if you haven’t seen it. I wrote about the Coco collection last year even before I saw the movie, and watching it on repeat has made me appreciate every jewel available even more.

This has been your Disney of the Day! These releases are limited edition, so if there’s a Disney fan among your shoppers (or on your own holiday list), make like a character from The Incredibles (Woo has a collection inspired by that film, too), and Dash your way to them now.

Visit for details.

Top: Little Icon Dory pendant in sterling silver and enamel, $158; Little Icon Finding Dory logo pendant in 14k yellow gold, $598; Little Icon Nemo pendant in sterling silver and enamel, $138

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