Britt’s Pick: Dendritic Agate Pendant by NEI Group

I was already on the lookout for autumnal pieces months ago, but at least now it feels seasonally appropriate to do so.

This pendant from NEI Group is an easy favorite. With its oval shape and rigid, textured metal frame, the dendritic agate featured is the picture of fall.

But there’s something almost haunting about it, too. Like one of those old-fashioned photographs you’d find in a Victorian home, the piece is elegant while appearing to harbor secrets of some distant past.

I think that’s why it feels so appropriate for autumn, and Halloween in particular. True, its colors are perfect for this season, all creams and browns and a dash of black. But that look of something seen long ago feels bigger than just a pretty pendant.

The floral of branch-like pattern of dendritic agate is formed when particles of iron or manganese oxide seep into an agate’s cracks as it forms (as I have learned from GIA). That means even if this particular piece were to be created 10 times over, each one would vary from the next. It’s amazing: This gemstone painting has been completely concocted by nature herself.

NEI Group got its start in 1964, when it was known as Nanasi Enterprises. Started solely as a loose-diamond supplier by John Nanasi, the New York City–based family business has grown over time to incorporate jewelry and gem companies based in the United States, with partners in Italy and India, and a factory in New Jersey.

Though this piece in particular is one-of-a-kind and no longer available, it’s a showcase of what the company has to offer, with a good deal of other unique pieces, as well as diamond and gemstone fashion jewelry and custom options, too.

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Top: Necklace in 14k rose gold with dendritic agate, $2,895

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