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A Year in Britt’s Pick: 2021 in Review


Well, that’s the end of 2021. What’s to say about this year, aside from the fact that it happened, I guess?

The good news is, we got back to business. Well, many of us did. While many of my colleagues and friends made their return to Las Vegas after taking 2020 off, I was home, cuddled up with a new baby girl, basking in the glow of my own sort of gem. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else in the world, but the timing of it all meant another year without seeing jewelry up close and personal—holding it, trying it on, taking amateur photos of it.

Still, it’s been a year of good jewelry, as evidenced by the pieces I’ve selected for my weekly Britt’s Pick feature. This year marks 10 years of writing about jewelry for JCK, and, honestly, despite the current world circumstances, it gets better every year. I meet new, lovely people; get a load of jewelry that makes my jaw drop; and continue to learn so much. I’m so thankful to be here.

Here’s 2021 in Britt’s Pick.

To a Flame Ring by Melanie Casey

Melanie Casey To a Flame ring
To a Flame ring in 14k yellow gold with 0.7 ct. diamonds, $6,800; Petite Diamond Distance band in 14k yellow gold with 0.14 ct. t.w. diamonds, $590; Melanie Casey

“Not for the first time, I find myself wondering if I should take up a collection of engagement rings à la Victoria Beckham. The style of these rings is so different from the chunky gold piece I wear now that I couldn’t possibly compare them, nor do I want to choose between them.”

Heart Rivière Necklace By Nakard

Nakard tourmaline heart necklace
Small enameled heart rivière necklace in black rhodium-plated sterling silver with red enamel and multicolor tourmaline, $3,275; Nakard by Nak Armstrong

“What I love about this particular piece is the way it’s romantic but not overly sweet. Its red enamel and blackened silver detailing lend it a vampy vibe, further dramatized by its multicolor array of heart-shape tourmalines, appearing in jewel tones positively striking for the winter.”

Ruby Heart Earrings By Dima Jewellery

Dima Jewellery ruby heart earrings
Heart-shape stud earrings in 18k yellow gold with ruby and diamonds, $850 each (sold as singles); Dima Jewellery

“Sold in singles, Dima’s heart-shape ruby stud earrings are a sweet ode to love, with a dangling confetti-like trio of baguette diamonds for an added festive touch. The fact that the earrings are sold individually lends the image of a perfect mix-and-match opportunity, where these would dress up any ear party beautifully. But I also dig the idea of purchasing one for each ear and wearing them all the time, a slightly dressy but also very practical daily dangler that would tempt a smile each time it was glanced at in the mirror.”

Amethyst Maman Ring By Rush Jewelry Design

Rush amethyst Maman ring
One-of-a-kind Maman ring in 18k yellow gold with amethyst, $4,300; Rush Jewelry Design

“I like my amethyst to be ‘extra,’ as they say—glitzy, beyond the norm, perhaps unnecessarily festooned. Take its geode form, for example—I could stare at it all day. Falling under the spell of the sparkling rings of lavender and violet, glittering and grape. That’s when amethyst shows its depth, and that’s the way I like it best.”

Pastel Mariner Bracelet By Jenna Blake

Jenna Blake pastel Mariner bracelet
Pastel Mariner link bracelet in 18k yellow gold with turquoise, chalcedony, chrysoprase, and diamonds, $6,800; Jenna Blake

“Five carved gemstone links in spring- and summer-ready colors align in this oversize piece that mixes everyday wearability with ‘Gasp! Where did you get that?’ appeal. I love how this bracelet is a statement without being the kind that you wear once and put away—it’s got that low-key, wear-it-daily feel we’ve been clinging to over the last year.”

Carbon Fiber Amethyst Earrings By Fabio Salini

Fabio Salini amethyst earrings
Earrings in gold, titanium, and carbon fiber with amethyst, price on request; Fabio Salini

“The silhouettes combine various inspirations, including art deco, 1960s bon ton, the geometric rainbow patterns of the ’70s, and a touch of African tribal art. And truly, knowing that now, you can pick out a bit of all of that in this one single pair: its geometry and bold, almost color-blocked style, the vibe that it’d fit in really well on a faraway beach. It’s pretty remarkable when a style can convey that much, and speaks well to its versatility and wide-ranging appeal.”

Custom Spinel Engagement Ring By Michelle Oh

Michelle Oh custom spinel engagement ring
Custom three-stone engagement ring in 14k yellow gold with 1.2 ct. round brilliant spinel and 0.36 ct. t.w. pear-shape rose-cut black diamonds, price for similar on request; Michelle Oh

“The choice to pair the gem with black diamond side stones was genius. Where a pairing of diamonds would have made the ring far less dramatic (though no doubt still gorgeous), the black draws on the brooding quality of this beauty in a way that’s positively spellbinding.”

Alison Nagasue’s Enamel Ladybug Charms

Alison Nagasue ladybug charms
Ladybug charms in 18k yellow gold enamel, $165 each; Alison Nagasue

“And when our fascination for the ladybug grows, I’ll know precisely the little piece to honor it with. From designer Alison Nagasue, these adorable little enamel ladybugs are just the perfect little pendants or charms to wear for good luck, or to give the gift of luck.”

Wildflower Bracelet By Alison Lou

Alison Lou Wildflower pastel bracelet
Wildflower bracelet in 14k yellow gold with diamonds and enamel, $1,475; Alison Lou

“Alison Lou’s enamel wildflower bracelet is perfect. It’s casual, it’s colorful, it’s happy. Each of its flowers has a tiny diamond center that sparkles just the tiniest bit, a perfect low-key luxe statement that will hold me all the way through summer.”

The Kbang Crown By EdoEyen

EdoEyen crown
Kbang crown in 14k or 18k gold, sterling silver, or 18k gold–plated brass, $1,350–$60,000; EdoEyen

“To wear this piece, one needs be neither royalty nor divinity nor proficient in the art of dance, and the featured design is streamlined to make it wearable every day. Though it is important that one knows its inspiration and history, so as to fully convey its meaning to all those who will no doubt ogle it.”

Jardin Pink Opal Flower Earrings By Syna

Syna pink opal flower earrings
Jardin flower earrings in 18k yellow gold with 7 cts. t.w. carved ink opal and diamonds, $3,850; Syna

“The earrings are one of a kind, with petals hand-carved and harnessed by glossy golden lines that add elegance and warmth. Then, of course, there are diamonds, the centerpieces that make the pair a nice contender for anyone celebrating an April birthday—though I’d argue these would suit a Mother’s Day gift list even better.”

Morganite Twinkle Earrings By Emily P. Wheeler

Emily P Wheeler Twinkle stud earrings
Twinkle earrings in 18k rose gold with morganite, diamonds, and white enamel, $5,800; Emily P. Wheeler

“The collection came at the beginning of last year, just as we were beginning to understand what it meant to be experiencing a global pandemic. The Twinkle earrings were the very first piece of the puzzle; the rest came throughout 2020, a coping mechanism for the year that was lost.”

Boulder Opal Ring By Lauren K

Lauren K opal ring
Ring in 18k yellow gold with 26.91 ct. Boulder opal and 0.11 ct. t.w. diamonds, $6,790; Lauren K

“With a Boulder opal just under 27 cts., this colorful behemoth in 18k yellow gold is spellbinding to say the least. It’s like a treasured work of art featured at a gallery, with watercolor lines splashed upon the canvas. I’m intrigued by the stone’s contrast of shimmering blue and green with the more matte areas of white—it’s a master display of the stunning elements of opal, juxtaposing its natural assets splendidly.”

Lace Keepsake Pendant By Ceci Leibovitz

Ceci Leibovitz lace pendant
Oval keepsake necklace in 24k gold–plated pewter and brass with lace, $110; Ceci Leibovitz

“I love the designer’s pieces for their utter romanticism, along with their highly accessible price point. They offer a wide variety to choose from, with colorful silk and hand-painted backgrounds and different shapes. Albeit somewhat niche, pieces that incorporate non-jewelry materials are excellent finds, and Leibovitz’s use of lace lends itself to jewelry beautifully.”

The Cardinal Necklace By Dune Jewelry

Dune Jewelry cardinal necklace
Cardinal necklace in sterling silver (pictured with elements from Valley of Fire, Nev.), $140; Dune Jewelry

“Have you ever heard it said that cardinals appear when lost loved ones are near? Upon hearing the saying, I felt great comfort—with the abundance of cardinals in our yard, it seems lost loved ones are always with us. Perhaps that’s true in one way or another anyway, but having something beautiful to help visualize it is especially lovely.”

Fam on the Moon Necklace by Jessie V E

Jessie VE Fam on the Moon necklace
Fam on the Moon necklace in 18k yellow gold and platinum with two large oval diamonds, two small oval diamonds, and one round diamond, $10,634 (as pictured); Jessie V E

“A family (or whoever the purchaser chooses to represent) is symbolized by a group of oval and round diamonds on this customizable piece. For example, a family of four could be represented by two large ovals for the adults and two small ovals for the kids—a nod to the beloved family dog or cat with a small round diamond and the picture is complete.”

Rainfall Earrings By Sia Taylor

Sia Taylor rainbow Rainfall earrings
Rainbow Rainfall earrings in 18k, 22k, and 24k yellow, rose, and white gold, and platinum, £2,320 ($3,025); Sia Taylor

“I’m not referring to the same bright array you may get from fancy sapphires, but to the result of an artful arrangement of 18k, 22k, and 24k white, yellow, and rose gold combined with platinum—an inspiring display of the various metals we so often enjoy as a house for our gems. Each metal panel is handcrafted, textured, and hung just so, like the pitter-patter of rain that falls from the sky.”

Emerald and Carbon Fiber Earrings by Fabio Salini

Fabio Salini emerald earrings
Earrings in gold and carbon fiber with emeralds, price on request; Fabio Salini

“Look at the pair from the front again and you’ll find that that black detail is an expertly notched section of the carbon fiber wheel. Suddenly, the earrings take on a new form, with the emeralds looking not just like a line but like a speared weapon of sorts—a system of defense.”

Emerald Emsa Ring By Shakti Ellenwood

Esma ring in 18k yellow gold with emerald, £2,598 ($3,690); Shakti Ellenwood

“The ring is like something you’d find while treasure hunting in a different country, a souvenir from a locale rich with history and abundant with folklore and fairy tales. According to Ellenwood’s website, though, the ring’s handstamped patterns are reminiscent of Native American–style jewelry. The designer’s aesthetic is self-described as ‘incorporating diverse influences including the sacred symbolism of amulets and talismans, the sentimentality of the Victorian era, folklore and ancient civilizations, as well as [my] own travels across the globe,’ and I feel as if that aesthetic is represented well in this ring.”

Initial Diamond Charm By Marlo Laz

Marlo Laz initial charm
Initial charm in 14k yellow gold with diamonds, $600; Marlo Laz

“An initial charm with just the right amount of flair, without being too over-the-top. The font, with the slightest bit of curl that’s like a cross between a book of Brothers Grimm stories and a graffiti artist, is inspired by La Belle Époque, the lavish, fairy-tale-esque era of art nouveau. And, since welcoming a new member to our family feels a bit like a fairy tale, the pendant represents more than simply a name.”

The Mina Ear Cuff Set By Misho

Misho Mina ear cuff
Mina snug ear cuff (set of 2) in 22k gold plate with enamel, 3,950 rupees ($55); Misho

“Sold as a set of two—one in brightly colored enamel; the other, a touch of gold—the cuffs look amazing when stacked along the ear. A photo on the brand’s website shows an ear adorned with four at once, and it is, as the young ones say, a ‘lewk’ (do they still say that?).”

Moonstone Necklace By Studio Tara

Studio Tara moonstone necklace
Necklace in 18k yellow gold with 300 cts. t.w. moonstones, $7,000; Studio Tara

“The necklace serves as an exhibit on the wonders of moonstone. Big, (mostly) opaque stones are gathered here, placed between golden leaves that twirl around each gem in a spirit that feels riotously celebratory. It’s as if swirling bits of ribbon have come to nest here, wrapping a protective layer around each egg-shape gem.”

Moonstone Heart Earrings By Anne Baker

Anne Baker moonstone heart earrings
Heart earrings with moonstones and pink sapphires, $5,600; Anne Baker

“These earrings have so much going on, in the best way. First, they’re heart-shape, and the style is like one of those Valentine’s chocolate boxes filled with the most decadent of treasures. Inside, a smattering of pink sapphires brings warm color to a blackened metal background—the loveliest contrast. And then, of course, there’s the center moonstone, the part that pulls you in and mesmerizes, the part that’s going to make many June babies (and anyone moonstone-obsessed, like me) mighty happy.”

Speakeasy Engagement Ring By Tomasz Donocik

Tomasz Donocik Speakeasy engagement ring
Speakeasy diamond engagement ring in 18k white gold with 0.7 ct. step-cut black diamond and 0.4 ct. t.w. baguette diamonds, $6,800; Tomasz Donocik

“Part of his new Moderne bridal collection—a line of engagement rings combining the geometric beauty of the art deco period with a modern sensibility—this particular piece sets a step-cut black diamond center atop a stair-like arrangement of baguette white diamonds, a classic contrast that continues down to the blackened metal setting of the band and prongs. The ring’s alluring name, Speakeasy, alludes to a forbidden and intoxicating love—or at least a romance that’s a lot of fun.”

Stargazer Pearl Pendant By Jenny Norman

Jenny Norman Stargazer pearl pendant
Stargazer pendant in 14k yellow gold with 13.5 mm Chinese freshwater pearl and 0.09 ct. diamond, $625; Jenny Norman

“The treasure, a pendant named Stargazer, is relatively simple in its design but expertly so, allowing the central pearl, which shimmers in a rainbow of colors, to really shine. Those hues—a spectrum of green, gold, magenta, rose, and brown—are all natural, a spectacle of nature enhanced by a designer’s talented touch.”

Victorian Ring By Fred Leighton

Fred Leighton vintage moonstone ring
Circa 1890s ring in 18k yellow gold with oval cabochon moonstone, 0.25 ct. t.w. cushion rubies, 0.15 ct. t.w. cushion sapphires, and 0.5 ct. t.w. old mine–cut diamonds, price on request; Fred Leighton

“With its gemstone combination in red, white, and blue, Fred Leighton’s dreamboat of a ring—which does, in fact, look a bit like a boat filled with treasure, does it not?—is estimated to be from sometime in the 1890s. Imagine its story! I wonder, was it ever worn in the spirit of a national holiday, or perhaps gifted to a loved one with a birthday in June?”

Opal Heart Bead Necklace By Jacquie Aiche

Jacquie Aiche opal hearts necklace
7 Heart necklace with opals and diamonds, price on request; Jacquie Aiche

“It’s all down to the way those beads are laid, the gradient lines from deep burgundy to tangerine, mixed with a pop of light turquoise and sea green. It’s a genius arrangement of color, and one that will serve its wearer very well come autumn, as it’s anchored in earthier tones than some of our favorite summery rainbow styles.”

Arman Sarkisyan Turquoise Ball Ring

Arman Sarkisyan turquoise ring
Ball ring in 18k yellow gold and oxidized sterling silver with turquoise and diamonds, $3,740; Arman Sarkisyan

“The two-headed ring is an ideal match for July birthdays—and for anyone who just loves turquoise (doesn’t everyone?)—especially those who are drawn to vintage style, with its old-world appeal and hand detailing. There’s a modernity to the piece, too, largely attributed to the jubilant blue sphere that provides the eye-catcher of the scene. It’s proof that you really can have it all, and its dual personality makes it a good fit for a wide range of styles and personal jewelry collections.”

Ophelia Submerged By Hannah Blount Jewelry

Hannah Blount Ophelia submerged
Ophelia Submerged ring in 18k yellow gold with 7.05 ct. Kazakhstan Golden Hills turquoise and 0.01 ct. t.w. diamonds, $1,300; Hannah Blount Jewelry

“For Blount, the piece is mostly about celebrating the shape of a woman. ‘This [piece] is really meant to be a female’s embrace of a woman’s body—I feel very strongly that women appreciate the female form even more than men,’ the designer tells me. ‘We [women] are taught to be insecure about our bodies and the natural beauty it holds, especially the flaws. If you look closely, the two breasts are different shapes and sizes, facing slightly different directions. I’ve always loved this about boobs—they aren’t symmetrical, and it makes for such an interesting silhouette.’ ”

Lily Gabriella Pink Swirl Earrings

Lily Gabriella Pink Swirl earrings
Pink Swirl earrings in titanium and 18k rose gold with 12.8 cts. t.w. pink sapphires, £34,500 ($47,657); Lily Gabriella Fine Jewellery

“The design, with rows of gemstones culminating in a near-circle, is inspired by the sweeping lines made by rakes in Japanese Zen gardens, and it does imbue the jewels with a calming effect despite their shocking shade. Lily Gabriella Elia, the Brazilian designer behind the brand, was also inspired by the minimalist work of architect Tadao Ando, whose famous work for the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art in Kobe, Japan, bears a resemblance to the spiraling earrings.”

Lavender-Gray Spinel Ring By Ark Fine Jewelry

Ark lavender spinel ring
Creation ring in recycled 18k yellow gold with 3.35 ct. lavender-gray spinel and 0.18 ct. t.w. diamonds, $7,900; Ark Fine Jewelry

“From the jeweler’s Creation series, the ring features a triangular diamond on each side of its center stone. The triangle pointing down symbolizes Shakti, a Hindu goddess who represents feminine energy; the other symbolizes the Hindu god Shiva, who is associated with the masculine. Together, the shapes allude to finding balance as well as the process of creation—hence the name of the series the ring belongs to.”

Syna’s Peridot Cosmic Eclipse Necklace

Cosmic Eclipse necklace in 18k yellow gold with 3.5 ct. peridot and 0.3 ct. t.w. champagne diamonds, $3,250; Syna Jewels

“Striking just the right note between statement and everyday, this celestial beauty is one that a wearer may never want to take off. And they wouldn’t have to: Thanks to its heavenly body of pavé diamonds, the pendant will play beautifully with a range of other necklaces, the sparkle a linking factor among many talismans, initials, bar and line pendants, and more.”

Rainbow Nesting Ring By Eden Presley

Eden Presley Nesting ring
Nesting rings in 14k yellow gold with 0.53 ct. heart-shape opal and 0.33 ct. t.w. multicolor sapphires, $1,800; Eden Presley

“I’m not quite sure what I love most about this piece: the heart-shape opal, the bursting lines of rainbow sapphire surrounding it, or the fact that the ring is actually three rings, to be mixed and matched and worn in a number of different ways that keep it looking so fresh.”

Wishbone Earrings By Tariq Riaz

Tariq Riaz Wishbone earrings
Wishbone earrings in 18k rose gold with diamonds, $7,400; Tariq Riaz

“Truly offering two very different looks, the Wishbone earrings can be worn long, the jewelry equivalence of letting your hair down. Branched out like a diamond-dusted spinal column of sorts, each V-shape wishbone is nestled in a row for a look that’s either a bit macabre (the perfect skeletal silhouette for Halloween) or rather peaceful (like the snow-dusted branches of a quiet winter). Either way, this single style is magic.”

Blue Wavy Hoops By Senia

Senia large blue wavy hoops
Large Wavy hoop earrings in blue in sterling silver with enamel, $150; Senia

“The earrings are actually inspired by the Ultrafragola mirror by Ettore Sottsass for Paltronova, a decorative home piece from the 1970s that has been making the rounds on Instagram and enjoying a new wave of popularity.”

Caravan Cuff Bracelet By Lydia Courteille

Lydia Courteille Caravan bracelet
Caravan bracelet in 18k yellow gold with green turquoise, blue turquoise, sapphires, onyx, rubies, diamonds, and Mesopotamian cylinder seal (circa 2000 B.C.), price on request; Lydia Courteille

“A cylinder seal, the name for the artifact that sits at the center of this incredible piece, is a highly detailed form of identification. Most were carved gemstones in bead form and worn on a string as a necklace or bracelet. When a transaction occurred, the piece was rolled across soft clay to provide a necessary signature of sorts.”

Electric Spark Studs By Fernando Jorge

Fernando Jorge Electric Spark earrings
Electric Spark stud earrings in 18k white gold and black rhodium with London blue topaz and sapphires, $2,000; Fernando Jorge

“In these earrings, dubbed Electric Spark, a live-wire arrangement of round sapphires gathers with pear-shape London blue topaz in a wreath of black rhodium–plated white gold. That I first notice the deep blue of the smaller sapphires speaks volumes to the power of this month’s birthstone.”

Rainbow Serpent Pendant By Shakti Ellenwood

Shakti Ellenwood Rainbow Serpent
Rainbow serpent pendant in 18k yellow gold with fancy color diamonds and rubies, £9,298 ($12,691); Shakti Ellenwood

“It’s not often you see a snake decorated in rainbow stones. Maybe it’s the inherent belief that snakes are gritty, tough, or even scary to some. They’re often cloaked in darkness, or shimmering with diamonds. But a rainbow assortment of gemstones lends a whimsical touch, while preserving some of that tough exterior we often associate with the snake. It’s colorful, sure, but it’s still quite regal, and even if you saw a rainbow snake in the wild, you wouldn’t mess with it, would you?”

Convertible Wave Necklace By Zarig

Wave Necklace Zarig
Wave convertible necklace/bracelet in 18k yellow gold with 1.66 cts. t.w. diamonds, $5,450; Zarig

“Smart on style and (relatively) on budget, the Wave is convertible, transforming into a bracelet that decorates the wrist in the same fringy lines that sparkle with over a carat and a half of diamonds. Worn on the neck, it begs for low-cut tops in the summer, and contrasting turtlenecks (yes, seriously!) when the weather gets cold.”

Opal Mira Necklace By Laura Stephanie

Laura Stephanie Mira necklace
Mira one-of-a-kind necklace in 14k white gold with 6.29 ct. Lightning Ridge opal and 0.98 ct. t.w. diamonds, $15,500; Laura Stephanie

“Have you noticed a rise in Western wear? Cowboy boots and fringe have piqued the interest of the internet’s fashion set, and this piece fits right in, with its stream of cable chains hanging from it. With its angular-set square of opal and dangling fringe, it has all the makings of a bolo tie, but, of course, it isn’t that at all.”

Carved Tourmaline Leaf Earrings By Akansha Sethi

Akansha Sethi leaf hoop earrings
Folio hoop earrings in 18k yellow gold with carved tourmaline and rubies, $4,298; AS by Akansha Sethi

“Vibrant and multicolored, the month’s birthstone, alongside ruby, is carved into leaf form and arranged to represent the changing of the leaves throughout the seasons. As the earrings are hoops, the leaves that hang from them appear to swirl about as if carried by the wind, the same gust that feels so welcome and crisp this time of year (anything to don that sweater, right?).”

Pumpkin Pendant By Shruti Sushma

Shruti Sushma pumpkin pendant
Pumpkin pendant in 18k yellow gold with fancy yellow and white diamonds and emerald, $7,300; Shruti Sushma

“Though Halloween doesn’t really define this jewel: The simply sparkling pumpkin is more fairy-tale-esque, like something that would delight Cinderella and friends. And again, unlike Cindy’s disappearing-at-midnight coach, this pumpkin endures beyond the ball, transcending time and serving as a go-to accessory in the fall or any season.”

Leen Heyne x Thesis 2021 Brown Diamond Ring

Leen Heyne brown diamond ring
Ring in rose gold with 5.12 ct. FOB VVS2 diamond, price on request; Leen Heyne x Thesis (also shown at top)

“The absolutely astonishing center stone is a 5.12 ct. reclaimed and recut peachy brown diamond. The gem, which was recut by Randy Poli of Poli Trading Co., began as a vintage radiant before being transformed into the round-cornered step-cut stunner you see now.”

Gemstone Eternity Rings By Cristina Santos

Cristina Santos tsavorite eternity ring
Eternity ring in 14k white gold with tsavorite and 0.1 ct. diamond, $1,200; Cristina Santos

“The assortment of eternity rings can be whatever one wants them to be. With a small round diamond at the center, only slightly larger than the colored gemstones that surround it, it’s feasible to think that one could make a modest engagement ring.”

Rainbow Bar Chain By Polly Wales

Polly Wales rainbow chain
Handmade bar chain in 18k yellow gold with multicolor sapphires, $44,495; Polly Wales

“One look and you’d probably know the likes of which this colorful creation came from, with Wales’ recognizable sprinkling of gemstones set in such a way that I swear it looks like the necklace itself grew them. Like a garden of gems, multicolor sapphires twist in and out, winding around the links like vines. You’ll find varying shapes and colors, set culet up and down, in a color pattern following a natural gradient that repeats to ensure you get a view of the rainbow from all angles.”

Opal Matrix Ring By Naomi Sarna

Naomi Sarna Mexican fire opal ring
One-of-a-kind Matrix ring in 18k yellow gold with 6 ct. La Perla mine Mexican fire opal, fancy color diamonds, and green tsavorite, price on request; Naomi Sarna

“Instead, the designer created a platform for the opal to really shine—atop a shield. ‘I have been fascinated with the medieval period for a very long time and thought about medieval shields. They have a domed area called a boss. Putting my opal in the center of a round area seemed too expected, and I wanted to do something a little unexpected!’ ”

Green Catena Ring By Nadine Aysoy

Nadine Aysoy Catena ring
Catena petite multi-stone ring in 18k yellow gold with heart-shape tourmaline, pear-shape peridot, and oval emerald, $3,300; Nadine Aysoy

“Featuring a heart-shape tourmaline, sparkling grassy green; a pear-shape peridot in that gorgeously honeyed hue; and an oval-shape emerald that’s well, excellently emerald, the Catena ring gets a modern twist thanks to Aysoy’s chain band (catena means chain). The chunky gold aesthetic represents the in-demand chain style beautifully and would pair well with any large chain link necklace or stacking ring (both of which Nadine Aysoy happens to offer as well).”

Watermelon Tourmaline Mischa Ring By Lauren K

Lauren K tourmaline Mischa ring
Mischa ring in 18k yellow gold with 5.97 ct. watermelon tourmaline and 0.36 ct. t.w. diamonds, $5,765; Lauren K

“While thoughts of watermelon are typically reserved for the summer and its heat, there’s something about this one that feels wonderfully wintry. A juicy watermelon tourmaline displaying a mystical combination of pink, purple, and blue, the centerpiece of this ring by the stellar Lauren K feels like it might be at home in a winter’s fairy tale—the crown jewel of an ice castle–residing royal family.”

Ray Griffiths’ Pink Tourmaline Ring

Ray Griffiths cabochon tourmaline ring
Ring in 18k yellow gold and oxidized silver with 12.27 ct. pink tourmaline and 2.25 cts. t.w. pink sapphires, $9,350 (made to order); Ray Griffiths

“A wall of pink sapphires sparkles like stage lights, amplifying the star at center, glimmering bulb by bulb. A dance of collective sugarplums, they complement the middle cabochon in color, and just the slightest variation in tone pleases the audience’s eyes.”

Lab-Grown Ruby Super Bowl Ring By Shahla Karimi

Shahla Karimi ruby super bowl ring
Super Bowl ring in 18k yellow gold with 8.37 ct. lab-grown ruby, $6,280; Shahla Karimi

“This beauty is so wonderfully holiday ready, just the sight of it makes me feel jolly. Its thick octagonal gold border is masculine and chic, a bold statement that feels right for daily wear, unlike some cocktail rings that are so elaborately decorated (not complaining) they come out only from time to time.”

Sophistiquee Earrings By Nana Fink

Nana Fink Sophistiquee earrings
Sophistiquee earrings in 18k rose gold with rubies and sapphires, $16,017; Nana Fink

“With their rich berry blossoms—a burst of color that comes from carved rubies—and denim-color sapphires, they offer holiday style that feels a little bit like a classic Christmas film brought to life in technicolor.”

Top: Ring in rose gold with 5.12 ct. FOB VVS2 diamond, price on request; Leen Heyne x Thesis

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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