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Britt’s Pick: The Mina Ear Cuff Set By Misho


What is it about a new season that makes us want to take style risks? Maybe it’s the thrill of its arrival, of a change in weather and possibilities, that invigorates us to try something different.

Use of the word risk doesn’t imply trying something straight off the haute couture runway or some sort of TikTok challenge, but rather, something fresh—or even long ago enjoyed—for each of us.

Case in point: ear cuffs. The ear cuff is nothing new, nor is it considered a risky fashion endeavor. But it stands out. It can transform an ear, taking someone from blasé to sort of badass, to put it ineloquently.

The ear cuff is one of those magic “It” pieces that elevates a person, not just in the way they look, but in the way they feel. It’s akin to a magic cape, but instead of granting the power of invisibility, it makes us want to be seen.

Jewelry of all kinds is positively rich with power in that it can make us feel a multitude of ways. But there’s just something about the ear cuff that does it for me personally—the equivalent of a new leather jacket in the fall (something that also excites me beyond reason). The cuff doesn’t have to be large, nor does it have to be expensive, to make a statement.

A recent favorite example is this ear cuff from Mumbai, India–based jeweler Misho. Sold as a set of two—one in brightly colored enamel; the other, a touch of gold—the cuffs look amazing when stacked along the ear. A photo on the brand’s website shows an ear adorned with four at once, and it is, as the young ones say, a “lewk” (do they still say that?).

Choose from a variety of colors depending on your preferences: Hot pink or orange will surely stand out all summer long, while dark green or blue is a bit more refined but no less fun. There’s also black, white, and yellow, making it truly hard to choose.

The price point means you might not have to choose, or at least not be limited to one. At around $55 per set, the 22k gold-plated pieces are an easy sell for a dash of summer fun. Even better—for the remainder of May, 100% of the proceeds from sales of each will go to COVID-19 relief charities throughout India. Looking good, doing good—love to see it.

Top: Mina snug ear cuff (set of 2) in 22k gold-plate with enamel, 3,950 rupees ($55); Misho

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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