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Britt’s Pick: Opal Heart Bead Necklace By Jacquie Aiche


If summer hadn’t already officially started, the passing of July 4th would have sealed the deal. No yearly event defines the season in a bigger way. And even if you didn’t gather to celebrate, you might be feeling like we’ll soon be closing out summer (don’t worry, there’s still plenty of it left).

Now that summer’s truly here, the desire to dress the part might be stronger, too. Not just for necessity’s sake—it is hot in many places!—but to express ourselves in a way that says, “I’ve been waiting for this!” The season is arguably the most anticipated, plus, it most likely will be better than last year’s iteration. So if you or your customers are feeling pulled toward some of the season’s bigger trends, you’re not alone. And designers have some excellent things in store.

Take Jacquie Aiche. Designer of all things free-spirited and covetable, Aiche has some jewels that fall beautifully within the “summer camp for adults” style category, and she’s been making them since before that phrase became a thing.

My recent favorite is this necklace, dangling seven sparkling opal hearts. The gemstone charms certainly seal the deal, and take the piece from casually cool to a real piece of work (in a good way; I know that phrase is usually uttered in angst). But it’s purposeful and playful at once, and in a lineup of similar styles, it immediately jumped off the page for me.

The necklace’s beaded color combination is irresistible and magnetic. Have you ever spotted something online and thought, “If I don’t have this, I’ll explode?” Like, it excites you that much? That happens to me more often than my bank account can keep up with, and it’s happening now. It’s all down to the way those beads are laid, the gradient lines from deep burgundy to tangerine, mixed with a pop of light turquoise and sea green. It’s a genius arrangement of color, and one that will serve its wearer very well come autumn, as it’s anchored in earthier tones than some of our favorite summery rainbow styles.

There are a ton of brands putting out beautiful beaded bracelets in that much-in-demand DIY style this year, that’s for certain. But I’m positive that an offering from Jacquie Aiche puts this style far out of reach of “trend” territory, and more in the realm of “cool forever.”

Top: 7 Heart necklace with opal and diamonds, price on request; Jacquie Aiche

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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