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Britt’s Pick: Rainbow Serpent Pendant By Shakti Ellenwood


We’re straddling that fine line between saying farewell to summer and getting ready to celebrate Halloween. Though autumn officially begins this week, some prefer to at least wait until October arrives to break out the jack-o’-lanterns (I say, the more Halloween, the better!).

Halloween jewelry—not jewelry made for the holiday necessarily, but at least the kind that carries its spirit—is all about the macabre and the creepy-crawlies. Your spiders, snakes, skulls—vintage mourning jewelry is a cool choice too.

So what to wear to span the time one must wait between the end of summer and Halloween?

Shakti Ellenwood’s rainbow serpent is just the thing.

It’s not often you see a snake decorated in rainbow stones. Maybe it’s the inherent belief that snakes are gritty, tough, or even scary to some. They’re often cloaked in darkness, or shimmering with diamonds. But a rainbow assortment of gemstones lends a whimsical touch, while preserving some of that tough exterior we often associate with the snake. It’s colorful, sure, but it’s still quite regal, and even if you saw a rainbow snake in the wild, you wouldn’t mess with it, would you?

There’s much more to this piece than my sentiment that it perfectly bridges the gap between summer and fall. The rainbow serpent is actually a godlike creature in aboriginal mythology. It is believed to be the creator of all beings, giver of life and a symbol of fertility. Even more reason to feel drawn to this powerful presence.

The pendant is made using 18k recycled fair trade gold and features a rainbow assortment of diamonds and rubies, with a glittering diamond at the snake’s head that’s almost like a crown. It’s truly an all-season piece, with meaningful symbolism to boot.

Top: Rainbow serpent pendant in 18k yellow gold with fancy color diamonds and rubies, £9,298 ($12,691); Shakti Ellenwood

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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