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Britt’s Pick: Emerald and Carbon Fiber Earrings by Fabio Salini


It’s May 4, the day all my fellow Star Wars fans enjoy a bit of lighthearted wordplay and don’t have to think too hard about what to watch on television at night (although there are so many Star Wars options now that perhaps it will take some time).

Also being May, it’s the right time to highlight as much emerald jewelry as possible. Though it’s rare that this most precious and glorious of gemstones goes without being celebrated, as it’s my birthstone, I find it my duty to pay as much homage as I can.

That’s why this pair of earrings from Rome-based jeweler Fabio Salini felt like the absolute perfect design to represent a day like today.

When viewed head-on, the pair is sleek and chic, featuring a linear design comprising pear-shape and baguette emeralds, with a striking notch of black at the center.

But upon closer inspection, a dark side (dun dun dun!). A half moon of carbon fiber (a material that always manages to sound so futuristic and space-agey anyway) billows behind, like a nefarious ship sailing silently through the sky.

Look at the pair from the front again and you’ll find that that black detail is an expertly notched section of the carbon fiber wheel. Suddenly, the earrings take on a new form, with the emeralds looking not just like a line but like a speared weapon of sorts—a system of defense.

Only on a day like today would I allow myself such a sci-fi description of a distinctively beautiful, remarkably made item of jewelry, but that’s the power of Star Wars Day: Nothing is off-limits, especially such a fine design that would no doubt be enjoyed in any galaxy.

May the Fourth be with you.

PS: This isn’t the first time I’ve chosen a pair of Fabio Salini carbon fiber earrings (guess I have a thing for them). To see another Britt’s Pick from the designer, check out this post from February.

Top: Earrings in gold and carbon fiber with emeralds, price on request; Fabio Salini

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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