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Britt’s Pick: Pumpkin Pendant By Shruti Sushma


A sugar pumpkin. Sounds divine, doesn’t it? Especially for someone who adores the fall. In reality, a sugar pumpkin is simply a small gourd, most often used to make pies or as a decoration throughout the autumn holidays—though that in itself is pretty magical. But the moniker could just as easily refer to a jar of seasonal candies, or even someone’s sweetheart.

The pumpkin pendant by fine jeweler Shruti Sushma is precisely the image I conjure when I hear those two words together (seriously, what could possibly sound sweeter than “sugar pumpkin?”), and does the idea proper justice, like only the way fine jewelry can.

Dusted in fancy natural yellow and white diamonds, this particular pumpkin is sweeter than sugar. This is the way to go if you want a pumpkin that lives forever; while our jack o’ lantern has already bitten the dust, this 18k gold treasure will outlast anything that might decorate a front porch or banquet table, and its portability lets the Halloween lover carry the holiday spirit wherever they go.

Though Halloween doesn’t really define this jewel: The simply sparkling pumpkin is more fairy-tale-esque, like something that would delight Cinderella and friends. And again, unlike Cindy’s disappearing-at-midnight coach, this pumpkin endures beyond the ball, transcending time and serving as a go-to accessory in the fall or any season.

If you fancy your fruit with a side of symbolism (yes, the pumpkin is actually a fruit!), does it get any better than this? What other fruit or vegetable elicits more pure joy, more excitement, than this one? It’s like a beacon for all lovers of autumn. We flock to them—be it in fields or farms, or on palettes at the supermarket—purchasing them by the pound, or snapping endless photos for our Instagram feeds (you don’t see people posting photos of tomatoes the way they do of pumpkins, do you?). If the smiley face, a symbol of pure happiness, were grown in the garden, it would look something like the pumpkin—then again, we do carve facial expressions into these gourds.

You won’t convince me of a more worthy fruit or vegetable to immortalize in jewelry, and here we have a remarkably precious rendition.

Top: Pumpkin pendant in 18k yellow gold with fancy yellow and white diamonds and emerald, $7,300; Shruti Sushma

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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