Britt’s Pick: Heart Riviere Necklace by Nakard

Over the past few years, I’ve found myself anticipating Valentine’s Day, a holiday I often found excessive and unnecessary. Maybe it’s being a mom and sharing the act of decorating with my little one. Maybe it’s the fact that celebrating love feels extra important right now. Maybe it’s the excuse to eat lots of chocolate.

Whatever the reason, we’re just about a month away from Valentine’s Day, and it might as well be Christmas. I’m planning all the desserts I can bake, all the crafts we can craft, and all the ways I can shower my family with love. I’ve also got my eye on a ton of heart jewelry.

I’ve said it before, and no doubt so have plenty of others: Heart jewelry is not exclusive to Valentine’s Day. But it’s a symbol linked to the holiday nevertheless, and anyone who spends their days creating, thinking about, and talking about jewelry is probably guilty of checking out a heart-shape jewel or two (or more) this time of year.

I will search for many of them. My proclivity for hearts at the moment is strong, and thankfully there is a wide range to choose from. I especially like this necklace from Nakard, the sterling silver line from jeweler Nak Armstrong. The line, which was covered by our Emili Vesilind back in October, focuses on large-scale jewelry at a lower price point than what we generally see from the designer, much in part due to its being made in silver.

What I love about this particular piece is the way it’s romantic but not overly sweet. Its red enamel and blackened silver detailing lend it a vampy vibe, further dramatized by its multicolor array of heart-shape tourmalines, appearing in jewel tones positively striking for the winter.

Though somewhat moody, the piece is also that coveted rainbow style that inevitably steals the scene come spring, so this is an all-season, all-weather piece in the best way. In fact, though it certainly qualifies as a statement in its own right, I would love to see it layered with a host of other necklaces—think chains, initial pendants, other gemstones. The fact that it’s made in sterling silver is noticeable but not overly so, meaning one needn’t worry about clashing with yellow gold if a two-tone look doesn’t appeal.

For now, it’s the perfect gift (or self gift) for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, or one just to say “I love you.” And who doesn’t need that right now?

Top: Small enameled heart riviere necklace in black rhodium-plated sterling silver with red enamel and multicolor tourmaline, $3,275; Nakard by Nak Armstrong


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