5 How-to Guides for Boosting Business

Up your retail game with these mini-manuals covering everything from staffing to getting an online education


We would never presume to tell you what to do. As a small business owner, you’re smart enough to know what works in your store and what doesn’t. But everyone can use a little advice—a fresh perspective—now and then, right? That’s the purpose of our annual how-to section. We know the retail road can be rocky. Count on us to help you navigate.

How to Find Business-Boosting Insights and Inspiration Online
One word: MOOCs. They’re affordable, interactive, and great for small businesses.

How to Write Better Job Descriptions

Don’t make it 2,000 words long, for starters. And remember: clarity over cleverness.

How to Boost Employee Retention
So you’ve assembled the perfect sales staff. Huzzah! Now you’ve got to keep them on board.

How to Prevent Theft
It’s not just about an alarm system anymore. Think cameras and industry-wide communication.

How to Debut New Products in Your Store
Just because everyone’s telling you to sell wearables doesn’t mean you should. Do your clients want them?

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