Robinson Pelham’s Newest Jewels Are Strong on Stars and Sapphires

Around this time last year, I was ensconced in sorting the photos I’d captured during the Las Vegas jewelry shows and reviewing my notes for story ideas. It’s a different scene this year, obviously, but I’m excited for August!

Last year, one of my favorite discoveries was the U.K. jewelry company Robinson Pelham. Founded by Vanessa Chilton, Kate Pelham Burn, and Zoe Benyon about 20 years ago, it is not a new jewelry brand (and has lots of Duchess of Cambridge cred, since making her wedding-day earrings back in 2011), but the line was new to me at the time.

And when I saw the kaleidoscope of pavé-set colored creations for the first time, it left me feeling a little jittery and jumpy, especially the jumbo-size, wildly colorful cocktail rings 

Naturally, when I learned the firm had newness to share, I was more than happy to take a look and have a chat with Benyon, who serves as director of the firm.

“We know that some people wear jewelry to lift them, some wear it as armor, and some are creatures of habit and wear the same pieces day in and day out,” she says.

The new pieces deliver on all three fronts and have a strong emphasis on color.

New to the line this summer is the Disco Sister hoop (pictured at top), the smaller alternative to the Robinson Pelham’s Rainbow Disco hoops.

“We love rainbow, but we are really all about color, in any order or combination,” says Benyon. Disco is an archetypal Robinson Pelham collection running the whole way from pure diamond, through pink sapphire, ruby, tsavorite, blue sapphire, brown diamond, to full rainbow.”

And while star motifs are a popular choice within the company’s substantial stud earring and earring charm ranges, this season the shape gets pride of place in the new Vega pieces. “The Vegas are the biggest, boldest stars so far,” says Benyon. “What we love about this collection is the informality of the shape combined with the scale of the diamonds. It updates diamond jewelry with ease, making it casual and modern even when it has impact.

“Alongside how we wear jewelry is when and where we wear jewelry. We want to be able to wear our favorite pieces all the time regardless of what we are doing, so our collections will always have a relaxed feel regardless of scale.”

The new debuts illustrate this idea precisely and are highlighted below.

Robinson Pelham pink sapphire pave hoops
Disco hoop earrings with diamonds and pink sapphires in 14k gold, $12,718
Robinson Pelham star ring
Vega ring with diamonds in 18k white gold, $14,960


Robinson Pelham star studs
Vega small earrings with diamonds in 18k yellow gold, $2,661
Robinson Pelham diamond hoops
Disco hoop earrings with white and brown diamonds in 14k rose gold, $14,200


Rrobinson Pelham cipher pendant
“The Cipher collection, either in diamond or rainbow, is an everyday talismanic pendant that can be engraved with a code to send a message, either overt or secret,” says Benyon. Large Cipher pendant with rainbow sapphires in 14k gold, $4,330 (chain sold separately).
Robinson Pelham bracelets
“This PVD coating can be made in any Pantone color, which gives more options than gemstones,” Benyon says of this trio of bracelets. “However, we were mindful of how the chain colors would look with our other collections and chose pink, turquoise, and green. These are happy and relaxed pieces that should be layered and worn with T-shirts.” Chroma chain bracelets in 14k yellow gold, silver, and PVD coating, $562 each.
Robinson Pelham rings
“There is always a place for monochrome, even for us, particularly when there is already a lot of detail in terms of shape and construction,” says Benyon. “The Phoenix rings are either single or double colors, but they are bold sizes and the stones can speak for themselves.” Phoenix rings in 18k gold, from left: Citrine, $4,816; turquoise and emeralds, $7,285.


Top: Disco Sister hoop earrings with rainbow sapphires, tsavorites, and diamonds in 14k yellow gold, $6,110


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