Still Recovering From the Rings Robinson Pelham Showed in Las Vegas

When I met with U.K.-based designer Robinson Pelham during Las Vegas Jewelry Week, I desperately needed coffee. And after I saw and tried on several pieces from its newest collections? No caffeine required—staring into the kaleidoscopic array of pavé-set colored gemstone creations amply provided the jolt of energy I craved. I walked away with an absurd twinkle in my eye and a pep in my step (despite several days of basically hobbling around the shows in shoes that were flat but not comfortable).

I also walked away without being aware of Robinson Pelham’s royal associations—the last time JCK covered the company, it was back in 2011 on the occasion of the Prince William and Kate Middleton’s storybook wedding. Remember the Duchess of Cambridge’s diamond drop earrings? They were a Robinson Pelham bespoke design, commissioned for the bride by her parents, Michael and Carole Middleton.

Lovely and memorable as these earrings were, the company now swings in a comparatively radical direction, with jewels that embrace an electrifying palette, a completely fun and whimsical mix-and-match hoop-and-charm program (hoops are called “orbs” and the charms are called “earwishes”), and a general vibe of 1970s glamour with a welcome touch of 1980s camp. I’m digging it.

Robinson Pelham necklace and hoops
A shot from the Robinson Pelham 2019 lookbook (scroll down for necklace and earring details)

Central to the 2019 collections is a bouquet of  big, bold cocktail rings that are about as far from classic as you can get (but still princess-worthy, I’d say). Every editor you follow on Instagram probably shot them (including me). Can’t decide if I like the chaos of the Vault ring (pictured at top) or the more clean-lined but equally supersized and explosively colorful Asteroid rings (pictured below) more. I sampled three on one hand and it was like a fireworks display popping across my knuckles. Breathtaking.

Robinson Pelham Asteroid rings
From left: Asteroid ring with 2.95 ct. yellow sapphire, yellow sapphires, and diamonds in 18k yellow gold, $12,400; Asteroid ring with cushion-cut 2.53 ct. Merelani mint green garnet, tsavorites, and diamonds in 18k yellow gold, $15,470; and Asteroid ring with 4.77 ct. pink sapphire center stone, pink sapphires, and diamonds in 18k yellow gold, $15,470

Also noteworthy were the hoop earrings, gemstone encrusted (dazzling as a disco ball) or geometric (knife-edged and sleek).

Robinson Pelham Disco hoops
Disco hoop earrings with diamonds and tsavorites in 14k yellow gold, $13,390
Robinson Pelham Chevron hoops
Large Chevron earrings with blue, pink, yellow, and orange sapphires and tsavorites in 18k yellow gold, $7,670

Beyond the ring party, versatility is key to Robinson Pelham’s DNA, and there were a number of chunky link bracelets with reversible ID plates or gemstone clips that can act as a clasp or be attached to any spot on the bracelet for an asymmetrical look (there are necklaces that function in similar fashion as well).

Robinson Pelham identity bracelet
Identity bracelet with double-clasp rainbow bar set with rainbow sapphires and tsavorites in 18k yellow gold, $10,325

And my favorite necklaces were alternately graphic and modern (with interchangeable gemstone embellishments available) or fairylike in feel.

Robinson Pelham tusk necklace
Tusk necklace with pavé tsavorite garnets in 9k yellow gold, $10,100
Robinson Pelham small elixir pendant
Mini Elixir of Love pendant with floating pink sapphires in a glass vial with 9k yellow gold cap, $770


Top: Vault ring with turquoise on a bed of diamonds and emeralds in 18k yellow gold, $13,200


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