JCK Las Vegas Postscript: The 10-Plus Jewels I’m Still Thinking About

Yesterday while I was traveling back from Luxury/JCK Las Vegas to the East Coast, Emili Vesilind shared her top 5 favorites from the show floor with you, and today Brittany Siminitz shined a spotlight on a certain black diamond pendant. And now it’s my turn, having given the matter quite some thought between two flights and an hour-long drive back to the ‘burbs.

Here are the the JCK jewels I’m still thinking about (and, let’s face it, unabashedly coveting) days later.

1. These earrings—a slam dunk that ticks many trend boxes, including baguettes and an arced, ear-climbery shape. And divinely priced at just $449 wholesale.

Stuller diamond baguette earrings
Earrings by Stuller

2. This ring from a Greek designer on the lower level, which takes a Musteiner-cut rock crystal as its centerpiece alongside morganites, rubies, and diamonds.

Anomy quartz ring
Ring by Anomy Pearls

3. This bracelet, in which celestial motifs, particularly crescent moons, were abundant.

Dilamani celestial bracelet
Bracelet by Dilamani

4. This Art Deco–inspired ring in malachite and onyx is a newly minted design coming in at around $500 wholesale that feels like something you’d find at auction (or your very stylish great aunt’s jewel box.)

Effy malachite and onyx ring
Ring by Effy

5. This pendant, which points to two trends: regal (pick your time period) and red gems (in this case, spinel).

Erica courtney spinel medallion
Medallion by Erica Courtney

6. Lightweight gold chokers, dangling itty-bitty diamond charms, are at the top of my wish list. Look how well they stack together—and with other styles.

Gabriel Co diamond chokers
Chokers by Gabriel & Co.

7.  These opal and diamond charms, a rough-meets-refined way to wear the eternally popular stone, and this cuff bracelet, which reimagines a vintage diamond brooch as something effortlessly chic and everyday elegant.

Just Jules opal charms and bracelet
Pendants and bracelet by Just Jules

8. Staring down at this jewel draped and glittering on my hand, as light as a swatch of lace, was an unexpected delight.

Shay diamond hand ornament
Hand ornament by Shay Fine Jewelry 

9. This chrysoprase suite—specimens this large, and so perfectly matched in size and (extraordinary) color, are extremely rare. To the point that the designer’s supplier tried to buy the stones back from her. That’s obviously not happening. The right buyer is going to be very happy about this.

Victoria Tse chrysoprase suite
Chrysoprase suite by VTse

10. Pictured at top, these pink sapphire and diamond charm hoop earrings by KC Designs let you fake the ear-stack look, eliminating the need for multiple piercings. I call that genius.

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