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Loriann’s New Limited-Edition Capsule Will Probably Sell Out


That’s the plan, anyway. And in fact, the entire premise of the range—13 one-of-a-kind keepsake charms—was conceived with that goal in mind. It’s a formula that has served Loriann designer Lori Friedman well in the past; she’s hosted a few very successful online sample sales wherein a “strike while the iron’s hot” narrative was essential to moving the product (quite a lot of it, as it happens).

The new initiative, Exclusives by Loriann, is similarly defined by an “it’s now or never” sense of urgency.

The limited-edition collection is entirely tailored to the clientele that Friedman has been faithfully cultivating—and converting—since introducing her line a few years ago, largely via transactions that stem from Instagram (her account is now approaching 10,000 followers). Her fans and followers are familiar with her best-selling Organique collection, which layers Ethiopian opals atop gems like moonstone or labradorite, and her more recent introductions of Confetti and Reflections. They understand her love language and will recognize the way she invokes her signatures in the design of each piece in the Exclusives range. They will also love the prices: Plenty clock in at less than $400.

“I wanted to offer my preferred clients and collectors something truly unique at a price most will find hard to resist,” says Friedman. “I know what aspects of my designs they respond to, and a lot of it is symbolism. For the first drop of Exclusives, I landed on a pear-shape motif that’s intended to capture the idea of tears—of joy, love, and gratitude for life’s precious moments.”

The teardrop shape, which also manifests as butterfly wings or flower petals, surfaces in gold silhouettes as well as in the moonstones and opals that anchor the collection. Accents of opals, full-cut diamonds, diamond slices, tanzanites, and multicolored sapphires whisper of collections past and hint at what’s to come.

There is one more Exclusives drop planned for 2021, with a focus on rings. Early 2022 will see another drop, one that features a selection of earrings. The goal, says Friedman, is to develop two to four Exclusives drops per year going forward.

A peek at the current drop, now live on the Loriann Jewelry website, is below. My best advice? Let no grass grow under this one.

Loriann moonstone pendant with sapphires
Exclusives pendant in 14k gold with moonstone, sapphires, and diamonds, $455
Loriann double moonstone pendant
Exclusives pendant in 14k gold with moonstones and diamonds, $360
Loriann opal sapphire pendant
Exclusives pendant in 14k gold with Ethiopian opal and sapphires, $310
Loriann moonstone pendant with diamonds
Exclusives pendant in 14k gold with moonstone and diamonds, $515
Loriann opal tanzanite pendant
Exclusives pendant in 14k gold with tanzanite, Ethiopian opal, and diamonds, $570

Top: One-of-a-kind Ethiopian opal pendant in 14k gold with diamond slice accent, $565; Exclusives by Loriann

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Amy Elliott

By: Amy Elliott

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