Loriann Jewelry’s New Reflections Collection Is a Slice of Life

Slice as in diamond slices. And life as in “life as we know it” at this precise moment—and the possibilities, however elusive, of finding clarity in chaos, a glimmer of hope as an engulfing fog blows out to sea.

Reflections, the latest collection from Lori Friedman of Loriann Jewelry, was born of the quarantine era, which the designer has spent at her home in Westport, Conn. Her previous collections have embraced themes that express her positive and celebratory outlook on life. Reflections plays to a similar idea, that of rediscovering joy, and finding your inner light.

“This collection is one of my most meaningful to date, coming out of a year filled with many challenges,” Friedman says. Her husband was ill for two months in winter and early spring of 2020, a mystery occurrence that predated the many official coronavirus cases being reported in Connecticut that spring but that was likely an undiagnosed instance of COVID-19.

Friedman tends to look to stones for inspiration, and she found the perfect metaphor in diamond slices, with their irregular shapes and mirror-like flickers of light.

“There are certain gems I feel connected with, and diamond slices are very special to me,” says Friedman. “Like tiny mirrors, they bring light in the world reflecting all that surrounds them. I love the organic beauty of their irregular shapes and interesting patterns making each slice unique and truly one of a kind.”

Friedman believes the stones to possess a positive energy, unleashing the power to shine in a world that is often filled with uncertainty.


Loriann Reflections five tier earrings
Linear diamond slice earrings in 14k gold with white diamonds, $1,600
Loriann Reflections drop necklace
Linear diamond slice pendant in 14k gold with white diamonds, $1,295
Loriann Reflections station necklace
Diamond slice dangle necklace in 14k gold with diamond baguettes, $1,495

Why is she so optimistic?

“The COVID era has actually helped my business,” she says. “It turned out to be the perfect time to launch my website and engage with my customers.” Among them: one Marie Osmond, who found Friedman on Instagram (and is a fan of labradorites).

Loriann Reflections rings
Clockwise from left: Cluster diamond slice ring in 14k gold with white diamond accents, $935; open ring in 14k gold with diamond slice, white diamond accents, and baguette diamond bar, $675; diamond slice ring in 14k gold with white diamond accent, $540; and diamond slice ring in 14k gold with white diamonds, $715

Last fall, Friedman hosted a wildly successful sample sale, and also discovered that she could stage a photo shoot for Reflections at minimal cost by producing it in Connecticut instead of New York City.

Loriann Reflections on model
Last fall, the designer was able to put together a socially distanced photo shoot featuring a team of Connecticut-based talent in collaboration with area photographer Joe Crawford. The model was found rather fortuitously on a community Facebook group called Westport Front Porch.
Loriann reflections hoop
Diamond slice hoop earrings in 14k gold with white diamond and baguette diamond accents, $2,450

Friedman hopes that Reflections will empower her fans to go with the flow in the face of life’s obstacles and rediscover who they are in an ever-changing world. This is jewelry to wear and layer day in, day out, as a constant reminder of brighter days ahead.

There are also plans to expand the collection to include “pops of color and multiple clusters” in the spring, which hopefully means we’ll have a lot celebrate soon.

Who else is ready?

Top: Diamond slice earrings in 14k gold with baguette diamond accents, $3,590

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Amy Elliott

JCK Contributing Editor

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