GSI to Include Growth, Treatment Info on Lab-Grown Reports

New York City–based grading lab Gemological Science International will offer new lab-grown diamond grading reports that include information on how the diamond was created and whether it was subject to any kind of post-growth treatments.

The GSI’s new LGX Complete reports will note if the lab-grown diamond was produced by the HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) method or the CVD (chemical vapor deposition) process. It will also note whether the diamonds are being sold “as grown”—the industry term for lab-grown diamonds that have not been subject to any post-growth treatments or enhancements. The LGX Complete reports will be available only for “as grown” diamonds.

“Consumer confidence is key, and consumers want more information and complete transparency about the natural and lab-grown diamonds they are buying,” said Debbie Azar, president and cofounder, of GSI, in a statement.

Whether or not consumers care if their lab-created diamonds have received post-growth treatment, the new reports might find an eager audience in the trade. Given the increasing amount of patent lawsuits against companies that use certain CVD and post-growth treatment methods, some trade buyers tell JCK that they are specifically looking for diamonds that are either “as grown” or produced by HPHT.

Whether lab-grown diamond grading reports should include information on post-growth treatments and enhancements has become a big topic of debate in the lab-grown diamond community, with some viewing the post-growth treatment simply as part of the diamond-growing process and others arguing that including the information increases transparency. Many CVD diamonds are subject to some sort of post-growth treatment because they tend to have a brownish tint when grown.

The GIA lab has decided not to include that information on its new lab-grown diamond grading reports, unless it’s specifically requested.

Top: GSI’s grading lab in New York City (image courtesy of Gemological Science International)

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