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Boho glamour combines with beachy-chic at Naples' Shannon Green Collection
Sparkling star bridal styles from Blake Lively, Halle Berry, and more
Flora and fauna, folkloric traditions: a Swarovski-style spin on jewelry's futur
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Your Store Retail News and Smarts
September 11, 2014
By Emili Vesilind, Senior Editor
When Matthew Patton, owner of Cut Fine Jewelers in Baton Rouge, La., was pitched the idea of making short promotional videos for his store by an outside marketing agency, he immediately thought of...
August 28, 2014
By Emili Vesilind, Senior Editor
On Tuesday, Instagram debuted a brand new app: Hyperlapse, which allows its users to create speedy-looking time-lapse videos. 
evesilind's picture
Retail Details September 18, 2014
Is Apple Pay the future of mobile payment solutions? The undisputed belle of the tech industry sure hopes so. With the release of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch officially on the horizon—...
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