Pandora Apologizes for Ring Snub

After Ariel McRae wrote a Facebook post about being shamed for her $130 wedding ring set by an employee at a Pandora store in Tennessee, her story went viral

Logan Sachon | December 9, 2016

Gold Jewelry Redux From the November-December Issue: 5 More Gold Styles to Consider Stocking

We showed a number of chic new karat-gold jewels in “Gold Standards: The Styles & Price Points That Warm Shoppers’ Hearts,” in the November–December print issue of JCK, but there were many more we wanted to show but couldn’t! Here are five more styles that we couldn’t fit into print....

Jennifer Heebner | December 9, 2016 | Style 360

Artisan Jewelry and the Customers Who Love It

Retailing artisan jewelry collections is an experience made of passion, relationships, and shared interests. It’s driven by a variety of forces—the designers’ earnest zeal for the craft, the consumers’ desire for the finished product, and the store owners’ appreciation for the beauty and process of...

JCK Magazine | December 5, 2016
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Pantone Color-Blocking Report 10 of 10: Jewels to Color-Block With Pantone’s Lapis Blue

The Pantone Spring 2017 Fashion Color Report provides an overview of designers’ color choices in their new clothing collections. It’s important that jewelers know these seasonal choices, so they can help customers successfully color-block accessories. Here are five...

Jennifer Heebner | December 9, 2016 | Style 360

Obsessed on Instagram: The Jewelry Stars and Brands We’re Loving This Week

Pantone picked its 2017 Color of the Year—Greenery—and social media feeds immediately started filling up with verdant gemstone options! Check out some of the photos of green gemstones shared by jewelers in the infographic above.  

Jennifer Heebner | December 9, 2016

GIA Offering Melee Synthetic Screening

The Melee Analysis Service can screen diamonds down to 0.005 ct.

Rob Bates | December 9, 2016

Pantone Names Greenery the Color of 2017

It’s official: Pantone has named Greenery the color of 2017! Greenery definitely calls to mind images of foliage, cars, yellow-green Keurigs, spring-like T-shirts, turquoise, and even America’s favorite Muppet (Kermit!). The color authority calls it a “refreshing and revitalizing shade …...

Jennifer Heebner | December 8, 2016

American Gem Society Appoints Next CEO

Katherine Bodoh currently serves as the group’s deputy executive director

Rob Bates | December 8, 2016

Get to Know Jewelry Designer Jill Maurer

Onetime engineer Jill Maurer traded in software for silver with her three-year-old eponymous jewelry design firm. Maurer is inspired by archeology and cave drawings, and she sometimes makes her jewels with CAD/CAM. “I love to use my 3-D printer for modeling,” she concedes. “Don’t be...

Jennifer Heebner | December 8, 2016 | Style 360

Three Charged in New Jersey Jewel Thefts

One man has been charged for six burglaries, with two accomplices racking up conspiracy charges for some of the thefts

Logan Sachon | December 8, 2016

Sears Lost $748 Million in Latest Quarter

Executives’ solution: close more stores

Rob Bates | December 8, 2016

Diamond Developments You Should Be Following: Dec. 7

JCK’s Diamond Wednesday roundup of stories that have the trade talking

Rob Bates | December 7, 2016
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Question is, are those natural organically grown tomatoes, or...

I guess I didn't get the memo. What are CVD diamonds?

Lab-grown. There are two methods, CVD and HPHT.

Thanks for the explanation. Can't believe I'd never heard that term...