A Different Set of 4Cs

Picture that instead of the traditional meaning of the 4Cs, they stood for coverage, claims, cost, and commitment. Would you recognize the importance they have to your business? As you might have guessed from coverage and claims, these alternative meanings...

JCK Magazine | February 27, 2017
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Sarine, GGTL Laboratories to Collaborate

One issue they will work together on is detection of lab-grown diamonds

Rob Bates | February 27, 2017

World Diamond Council Names Executive Director

Marie-Chantal Kaninda is a veteran of De Beers and Rio Tinto

Rob Bates | February 27, 2017

What You’re Talking About on JCKonline, Week of Feb. 27

Beyoncé and Blue Nile were on commenters’ minds

Rob Bates | February 27, 2017

J.C. Penney Closing 130 to 140 Stores

That’s about 13 to 14 percent of its store fleet

Rob Bates | February 24, 2017

How Blue Nile Is—and Isn’t—Like Dollar Shave Club

New buyer Bain Capital looks like it will double down on diamonds

Rob Bates | February 24, 2017 | Cutting Remarks

WJA Announces Its Hall of Fame Honorees

The influential jewelry pros will be honored in NYC July 24

Emili Vesilind | February 24, 2017

Swiss Watch Exports Still Showing Declines

But exports to the United States rose 5 percent in January

Rob Bates | February 23, 2017

Jewelers’ Security Alliance Adds Burglary Video

The seven-minute video gives tips for jewelers to protect themselves

Rob Bates | February 23, 2017
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