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What’s in a Name? A Partnership Between Jared and Detroit QB Jared Goff


The new partnership between accessible luxury jewelry chain Jared and Detroit Lions star quarterback Jared Goff makes sense on multiple levels—after all, the name play is about as good as the Lions’ recent storybook season.

Jared—the company—worked with Goff so he could give each of his offensive linemen a Breitling Super Chronomat watch. Every watch came in a personalized box that Goff signed and showed off during a Las Vegas media tour over Super Bowl weekend.

Jared president Claudia Cividino says there will be much more to the partnership, although she’s not revealing many details just yet. Cividino, who joined Jared in 2023, says she is excited to work with Goff because his values align with the brand’s, and she sees huge potential in their working relationship.

Jared Goff Claudia Cividino
Jared Goff meets with Jared president Claudia Cividino to see the Breitling watches he would give his offensive line and to sign each personalized box.

“He’s everyman’s quarterback in that Jared is really a genuine person,” Cividino told JCK after the Feb. 13 announcement of the collab. “He’s authentic. He’s philanthropic. He’s embedded himself in the community.

“We want to support local communities as well—that’s why I came to Jared,” Cividino says. “This is what I think is beautiful about the brand: We are not intimidating, but you can make a very significant purchase with us. We help people make those purchases and add to their jewelry wardrobes every day.”

Oh, and one more thing—she has faith in the Detroit Lions. (Full disclosure: This writer lives in Metro Detroit and has been a lifelong Lions fan as a native Michigan resident. Trust me, anyone having faith in the Lions is worth mentioning.)

Cividino describes the Lions’ 2023 season as “the Detroit story” and beautiful to observe. After breaking hearts all over Michigan for decades as one of the most losingest teams in the NFL, the Lions won a franchise-record 12 regular-season games—for only the second time in their history, and the first since 1991—and won their first-ever NFC North title. (The Lions lost their chance to go to the Super Bowl in a playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers.)

“We’ve seen what happened to the Lions since Jared came, and it’s added so much warmth to my heart,” Cividino says. “He connected with the fans, and the fans are showing their love.”

Jared Goff sign
In Las Vegas last weekend, Goff holds up a sign to announce his watch gifts to his offensive linemen, playing off of the company Jared’s former slogan just as fans at Ford Field did with signs during the NFL season.

Lions fans opened the door for a Jared/Jared team-up by adopting the jeweler’s old tagline “He went to Jared” (which the company used from 2001 to 2018) to celebrate the quarterback and team throughout the season.

“It made so much sense for us to reach out,” Cividino says. “Jared himself was very excited for the opportunity to mirror back to his own fans, ‘Yes, you went to Jared, and I too went to Jared.’ We got busy planning right away.

“We’re delighted by this partnership. In my experience doing some of these, you gain the most when people and the brand are both grounded in shared values,” Cividino adds. “You’ll see more of us with Jared. There’s so much in the works, and we’re supporting him to go all the way. He’s got every potential to do so.”

To help Goff commemorate his incredible season, Jared (the company) suggested he continue his tradition of giving meaningful gifts to his offensive line—who have supported him on and off the field in the three years he’s played for Detroit—with watches. The Breitling model in particular felt appropriate for its weight and depth, Cividino says.

In other company news, Jared is continuing to promote its “affordable luxury” in both everyday jewelry and high jewelry. Cividino says that over the past year she has been president, Jared stores that carried the upmarket assortment substantially outperformed other Jared stores, so she knows the brand can go even further with its efforts to be higher-end.

Although Jared operates nationwide, Cividino says it’s like a local jeweler, whose personnel live and work in the communities where the stores are located. “We consider ourselves as the best local jeweler in every market we’re in.”

Top: Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff wears Breitling watches like he recently gave to his teammates through a new partnership with the Jared jewelry company. (Photos courtesy of Jared)

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