September 1, 2000



Hair Jewelry For A New Generation Toes, navels, and hair. The next generation has a few new ideas about fine jewelry, and they’re not limited to necks, wrists, and fingers. The strong economy is encouraging people to accessorize and dabble in a little luxury. That means not only fur trim and crocodile bags but also…

Supplier News

ACQUISITION MOVE Basch & Co. Inc. has acquired Monte Trevi Jewelry, including all its divisions. Monte Trevi is well known for its spinner rings and gambling jewelry. Joe Monte will be staying on as vice president of production. Basch & Co. Inc., 4100 North 29th Ave., Hollywood, FL 33020; (800) 558-1144, fax (954) 929-6200. CHARLES…


MARTIN TO RECEIVE ORT AWARD Anna Martin of ABN AMRO Bank, New York, will receive the American ORT Jewelry Industry Chapter’s Community Achievement Award at a tribute dinner in her honor on Sept. 21, at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City. Martin is being honored for her support of ORT as well as…

Editor’s Page

At least once a year, someone in the jewelry industry is taken to task by the general media for a wrong they’ve committed or a wrong they might commit. Deceptive discounting, stone switching, undisclosed enhancements, inflated appraisals, children with severed limbs-all these crimes and horrors have been in the news. A flurry of activity follows…


the jewelry industry’s buzzword of the day is branding, but few in the industry give much thought to exactly what a brand is.

Atmospheric Differences

what picture does the phrase `jewelry factory’ call to mind? the author takes a tour of three facilities that may change that image.

Provenance of a Green Diamond

a historical record-also known as provenance-is crucial in identifying famous gemstones and jewelry. the case of the dresden green diamond is instructive. its historical record not only identifies it but also proves that its green color is natural, and knowing that can help identify origin of color for other green diamonds.

Bench Repair Jobs: What Price Is Right?

jewelry repair departments are potential profit centers for independent jewelers and will become more important in coming years, experts say. part one of this special report, which appeared in last month’s issue, offered advice on making your repair department more efficient.

Clasps: Grabbing the Gold Ring

to the manually challenged, jewelry clasps can be more diabolical than a chinese puzzle. but a few new twists on the tiny findings may offer hope to the ham-handed

Luxury Dispatches

reports from the couture collection and conference and the inaugural luxury by jck show

Hiring for the Holidays

don’t pout, don’t cry, but do use these tips for hiring temporary help for the holiday selling season-before santa claus comes to town. it’s hard enough to find good employees who know jewelry-a highly specialized product-and the tight labor market makes hiring temporary help for the upcoming holiday season especially challenging. moreover, because jewelry is easily stolen, it’s important to hire staffers who are honest as well as able.

Flight of the B2Bs

w ith last year’s string of new e-commerce sites widely rumored to be suffering financial woes, one might think the jewelry industry would be skittish about the internet. but the jewelry dot-com explosion shows no sign of fizzling out. this year has seen the launches of a number of jewelry-related sites in two of the hottest internet categories-“b2b” (business-to-business) and “clicks-and-bricks” (e-commerce sites with traditional retail components). a few sites cover both sectors.

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