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Mixed Metals, Chandelier Earrings Could Be Summer’s Wedding Jewelry Trends


Summer is here, bringing with it all those weddings that are staple fashion moments for fine jewelry.

As people look for jewels to wear on the special days, we asked Gina Love, cofounder of Auvere, for an update on trends in wedding jewelry—not just for the bridal party but for guests as well.

“Unless the bridal couple has issued special directions for guests regarding the color of their attire, I think wedding guests attending summer weddings should take advantage of the season and wear as much color as possible,” Love says.

“When it comes to adding jewelry to a look, think of it as similar to adding fine art to a designed room. I think that fine jewelry, like fine art, should be purchased out of love and not for decorative purposes. In other words, one should buy fine jewelry that one absolutely loves, not solely because it suits one or two outfits,” she says.

Auvere Arthropod
Auvere’s Gina Love encourages brides and wedding guests to make a maximalist statement with chandelier earrings, like this Arthropod pair ($2,200). 

Fine jewelry doesn’t have to perfectly match clothing; instead, Love recommends that it complement a person’s look in terms of shape, size, and overall vibe.

Mixed metals is one trend she would enjoy seeing at summer weddings. “Mix metals with your wedding look if it is a consistent part of your personal aesthetic or if the look calls for something unexpected or fresh,” Love says. “Otherwise, wear the metal and gemstones that suit your skin tone and add their own special energy to your look.”

Another wedding trend Love cites for 2024 is chandelier earrings, such as Auvere’s Conic Mobile or Wingspan earrings. At her own wedding (to Auvere cofounder Steven Feldman) in May 2019, Love wore the brand’s Arthropod earrings in 22k gold for the ceremony.

Auvere chain necklace
The Double Link necklace ($12,000) is an example of the heavy chain a man might wear with his wedding attire, Love says. 

Auvere specializes in high-karat gold—18k, 22k, and 24k—and sterling silver jewelry, says Love. She calls herself a maximalist because she almost always goes for big and bold jewelry when she’s attending a wedding.

“But I am a minimalist in the sense that when I wear big and bold pieces, I am sparing in how many pieces I pull together in one look,” she says.

“When I style jewelry, I think of how I want each piece to be featured—like an awards podium, imagining what comes first, second, and third,” says Love. “The first item is the main focus of my look. The second is less potent. It complements the first, but if need be can serve as a focus if I have to take off one of the other pieces. The third piece shows attention to detail and that the whole look is considered and thoughtful.”

Auvere wedding band
Wider wedding bands for men, like Auvere’s Motorcycle diamond band ($2,900), are on trend this year, according to Love. 

For men, Love says a wedding is a great time to show off their style.

“More men are upping the ante when it comes to wedding jewelry, in terms of bolder and wider wedding bands, wedding bands with diamonds, and wedding bands with colored gemstones,” she says. “We also love that men are starting to pair chunky bracelets with their watches.”

Top: Auvere cofounders Gina Love and Steven Feldman recently celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. (Photos courtesy of Auvere)

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