patek philippe watch on black background

JCK Talks Trends: Luxury 2020

Discover what’s next in the luxury jewelry market, in this JCK Virtual video panel of experts with Kareem Rashed of Robb Report and Tracey Ellison...
ring on female hand

JCK Talks Trends: Bridal Jewelry

A look into bridal jewelry trends for 2021, from JCK Virtual’s video panel with Severine Ferrari of and Shelley Brown of The...
pearl necklace on white background

JCK Talks Trends: Designer Jewelry

Designer jewelry experts Marion Fasel of The Adventurine and Randi Molofsky of For Future Reference reveal what to expect in designer jewelry for...
gem on white background

JCK Talks Gem Trends

Watch this colorful take on the colorful market of gemstones from JCK Virtual as Hannah Becker of Diamondoodles and Monica Stephenson of
gold pendant necklace on neck

JCK Talks Trends: Bridge Jewelry

In a video interview from JCK Virtual, Danielle Miele of Gem Gossip reveals bridge jewelry trends that are guaranteed to be fast-movers and the...
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JCK Talks Watch Trends

Get a deep dive into what’s new and next in the watch marketplace with journalist Zach Weiss of Worn & Wound, in this recording from JCK...

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