Add These “Statement Oysters” to Your Jewelry Displays Stat

The March/April 2019 issue of JCK included a story titled “All About That Case” in which we presented a series of jewelry displays, beautifully and thoughtfully produced by prop stylist Beverley Hyde.

In it, we stress the use of props—weathered wood and antique collectibles, organic elements like fresh flowers nestled in moss, or upended mushrooms paired with snow-white, rough-edged stones—to add a storytelling element to your vignettes. Which, in turn, creates a feeling of wonder and discovery, especially if your customers are used to shopping for jewelry in more sterile environments.

When I stumbled on the Instagram account for K Crook Design, I was reminded of this story, and of something Hyde says in it: “Everything is a treasure. There are no rules.” This must have been the mindset of K Crook Design founder Katelyn Kozuch when she saw the potential of an oyster shell to become a decorative object. (Functional too—as in, wedding place cards, salt-and-pepper serving bowls, jewelry storage.)

Gathered from the beaches of North Carolina, and edged and backed in gold leaf, Kozuch details the insides of the shells with a variety of patterns, from chinoiserie to Delft to emerald-green shibori. And I just love the idea of them being used as a platform for displaying jewelry or simply as a prop, especially if you’re based in a coastal area or resort town.

And $45 per oyster really isn’t a lot to shell out (sorry, had to). The designer is also accepting wholesale orders.

One last idea: If you’re the type of jeweler who gets involved in the proposal plans and logistics, wouldn’t one of these oysters, perhaps customized with “Will you marry me?” or another sweet message, be perfect as an alternative ring box?


Top: Statement oyster shells detailed with a blue coral pattern. Such a pretty idea for a display case prop or something to sell as a trinket dish or ring holder (all images via: @kcrookdesign).


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