Are We Thinking Pink This Summer?

I often look to the Disney parks as a touchstone for possible trends that could hit the mass markets both in fashion and jewelry. In the past, you may have read my posts about the time Disney made everything available in Millennial Pink, then hosted an (ongoing) rose gold extravaganza, and then introduced Potion Purple into the mix.

Well the merchandising folks at the Disney parks who take all of my money have announced the latest color to cater to the mouse-ears-buying visitors, and I’m feeling kind of meh about it.

Via: @disneywithvalen

Imagination Pink is the shade of the year (or at least, of the summer?) according to Disney, which introduced it alongside another, more fun color but one that’s harder to pin down as a single shade, Magic Mirror Metallic—sort of an opalescent silver flecked with rainbow sparkles.

As for the pink: Well, it’s bright! It’s the sort of color that I think could be beautiful as an addition or accent to something, but on its own—and not in gemstone form—it’s oversaturated and sort of suffocating.

Strictly Disney merchandise speaking, that is.

Daniela Villegas Cecilia ring
Cecilia ring in 18k yellow gold with tourmaline, price on request; Daniela Villegas
Alishan marquise rubies ring
Ring in platinum and oxidized silver with 0.9 ct. t.w. marquise rubies and 0.19 ct. t.w. diamonds, $3,290; Alishan

In gemstone form, a pink like this is juicy, covetable, and eye-catching. That’s because it often has the depth of its gem to rely on, whether faceted to sparkle or in the glistening orb form of a cabochon.

Erica Courtney ring at Luxury
Ring by Erica Courtney as spotted at Luxury by JCK 2019

I instantly thought of this ring—one of my absolute favorite show finds—by Erica Courtney that I spotted at Luxury this year. That rich pink pairs beautifully with orange for a sunny, quenching combination that is just so cheery and bright. This is how you do pink, people!

Parade Design pink sapphire ring
Parade in Color ring in rose gold with 0.45 ct. pink sapphire and 0.1 ct. t.w. diamonds, $1,375; Parade Design
Tresor ruby pendant
Pendant in yellow gold with ruby and diamonds, price on request; Trésor

Since jewelry serves as an accessory to a person’s attire (though to us in the industry, it’s totally the other way around), I say the more pop from richly hued pink gemstones, the better. Jewelry couldn’t possibly fall victim to the problem of too much color, because it’s nicely broken up by details like faceting, metal settings, diamond accents, and even other gemstones. If you’ve got it, sure! Whip up a showcase display filled with your finest bright pink. Better yet, incorporate all shades of pink! Your customers will be impressed by how varied the world of gemstones really is.

Polly Wales wide ruby ring
Wide ring in yellow gold with rubies, price on request; Polly Wales

Via: @disneypixie21

In terms of fashion, though? The thought of being covered head-to-toe in this particularly dense iteration of pink makes me feel like I need to drink a lot of water. So that’s just a no. Look at this photo! It’s like my eyes are on fire. It’s too much!

So, to reiterate: pink gemstones, yes! All of them! But what do we say to the bringers of Disney’s Imagination Pink? Not today (or, ever).

Top: Ring in 18k white gold with 5.23 ct. red spinel and 1.99 cts. t.w. rose-cut diamonds, $59,000; VTse

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