January’s Birthstone Garnet Is a Powerful Way to Start the New Year

January’s a great time to set goals, emotionally recalibrate, and, yes, buy yourself something new (especially if you didn’t get the jewelry you wanted for the holidays). As such, a new collection from NYC–based designer Paige Novick fits the bill in many ways, mainly by casting “healing crystal” jewelry in a luxe, new light.

 With Pretty Powerful Things, Novick places a rainbow of baguette and marquise-cut gemstones in modern, wearable settings of 18k yellow gold and pavé diamonds. The bright red garnet designs in the collection are a standout, transcending their identity as January’s birthstone to something much more complex.

As the stone of spiritual support and alignment, wearing garnet can help promote emotional healing and vitality and make you feel better connected to your inner spiritual compass. Kind of perfect for starting 2018 on the right foot, no?

A celebrity favorite whose jewelry might make yet another red carpet appearance this year (those were her earrings on Yara Shahidi at the 2017 Emmys), Novick is a self-described “astrology junkie.”

 As she mentions in the collection notes:

 I am not a newbie to mind/body practices. I grew up with an inspiring mother (also a jewelry designer) who partook in Consciousness Training in the ’70s and who would, on occasion, have me soak my feet in raw potatoes to draw out any toxins from my body. True story.

Novick also views the jewelry in Pretty Powerful Things as a form of protection, encouraging the customer to choose her gem-set pieces with intention so that they become personal talismans.

And while garnet’s healing properties are not limited to those born in January, it stands to reason that “garnet girls” will probably feel the effects more than others.

 Check out some of my favorite pieces below. The earrings are sold singly so that you can mix and match styles.

Paige Novick Asymmetrical Hinged Bangle with marquise shaped garnetAsymmetrical Hinged Bangle with marquise shape garnet in 18k yellow gold, $2,670 

Paige Novick Hinged Bangle with marquise and square shaped garnetHinged Bangle with marquise and square shape garnet in 18k yellow gold, $3,220 

Paige Novick Modular Mini Interchangeable Earring with pear shaped garnetModular Mini Interchangeable Earring with pear-shape garnet in 18k yellow gold, $845 


Paige Novick Mini Square Garnet Gemstone Stud in18k yellow goldMini Square Garnet Gemstone Stud in 18k yellow gold, $315 

Paige Novick Asymmetrical Hinged Collar with pear shaped garnetAsymmetrical Hinged Collar with pear-shape garnet in 18k yellow gold, $7,555 

 Paige Novick Midi Ring with diamond pavé and pear shaped garnet in 18k yellow goldMidi Ring with diamond pavé and pear-shape garnet in 18k yellow gold, $810 

Paige Novick Asymmetrical Ring with diamond pavé and two baguette garnetsAsymmetrical Ring with diamond pavé and two baguette garnets in 18k yellow gold, $1,005 


(Top: Small Single Baguette Garnet Stud with curved diamond pave diamond bar in 18k yellow gold, $390) 


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Amy Elliott

JCK Contributing Editor

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