Jewelry for the Black Dresses Women Will Wear at Globes

The #MeToo movement is sweeping through Hollywood, catalyzed by the recent outing of numerous industry power-players as serial sexual predators (read Salma Hayek’s devastating story of abuse at the hands of Harvey Weinstein in The New York Times).

The awards shows, which kick off in January, are responding to what many hope will be a sea change in Tinseltown, which has long been dominated by a handful of powerful white men.

On Wednesday, the Screen Actors Guild announced that all the presenters at the Jan. 21 Screen Actors Guild Awards will be female.

And the Hollywood Reporter posted a story yesterday citing sources that said female attendees at this year’s Golden Globe awards will dress in black gowns to show their solidarity.

“Actresses, including nominees and presenters, are planning to wear black to protest gender inequality and to acknowledge the flood of sexual abuse allegations that have rocked Hollywood beginning with Harvey Weinstein,” the outlet reports.

We’re eagerly anticipating the sight of a red carpet covered in stately black, as worn by a generation of women set on stopping the cycle of abuse in their industry and beyond.

Of course, we do have a few suggestions for accessorizing those gorgeous black gowns.


Cornflower Ceylon Sapphire earrings, price on request; Le Vian (also at top)


One-off diamond earrings, price on request; Ark Fine Jewelry 


Mexican fire opal earrings, price on request; Irene Neuwirth 

Earring, price on request; Repossi 


Onyx and diamond ring, price on request; Neil Lane 

Genie earrings, $60,000; Erica Courtney 


JCK Magazine Editor