George Murray, Last of Signet’s Old Guard, Leaving Company

George Murray, Signet’s chief retail insights and strategy officer, one of the last C-level veterans at Signet Jewelers, is leaving the company in May, according to a public filing the company filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Murray has served as chief retail insights and strategy since last January. He previously served as Signet’s chief merchandising and marketing officer, as well as president of the Zales division following its acquisition. Prior to that, he worked in the company’s marketing department. He joined Signet in 1992, serving a total of 26 years at the jeweler.

Steven Becker, chief human resources officer, is also leaving the company. Becker joined the company’s Sterling division in 2005 and has served in his current position since May 2014. Becker will also depart in May.

Murray and Becker are not the only veteran high-level executives who have left Signet in the last year or so. Stuart Lee, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer, and Clark McEwen, senior president for Signet Direct Diamond Sourcing, both left last May. Ed Hrabak, Signet’s former chief operating officer, left in January 2017. His replacement, Bryan Morgan, also ended up leaving. CEO Mark Light left last August.

In an interview in January, CEO Gina Drosos was asked about the number of longtime veterans leaving the company.

“At Signet, we are very team-oriented,” she responded. “There is tremendous value in having people who have been part of that team for a long time—who know the industry inside and out—partner with people who have a fresh perspective and can make the changes that we need to grow our company and the industry.”

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JCK News Director

  • Hire a CEO without fine jewelry background cost Signet a big lesson. There is a huge difference between packaged good and cosmetic versus luxury goods!
    Because she can be a CEO without learning about the trade, she will not appreciate the people did so under her watch.
    The company has a long history of favorite games and discrimination. It comes due now and in a near future.


  • “at Signet, we are very team oriented”………….so get rid of all those old school jewelry business people and replace them with team players from , among other places, Proctor and Gamble. Somewhere they came up with that brilliant idea of $25. engagement rings as loss leaders. Signet will not survive as a competitive entity as they have lost experienced jewelry people and lost their easy credit for customers. By the end of the year they will be selling off companies to stay afloat. They will also be forced to sell their loose diamond stocks at a lose since they can’t retail the grades they have. Tough times ahead.

  • Jim Adair

    “at Signet we are very team oriented” so get rid of all the old school jewelry pros and replace them with team players from outside the industry where they came up with that brilliant idea of $25 engagement rings as loss leaders. Signet will not survive through this year they will be selling off assets and companies to stay afloat. Loss of easy credit and loss of jewelry pros along with grocery store marketing doesn’t bode well for them.

    • SpartanMHD

      “Signet will not survive the year”

      MANY people hope this

  • SpartanMHD

    As a former store manager/ ex-employee, this is satisfying to read about. They treat their employees like human slaves. I could write a novel. Much happier now; working 40-42 hours a week & making $68k verses the old “Kay Days” with 48-72 hour work weeks, making $48,000 salary. The commission is a joke. And 48 hours per week is the minimum workload SMS are required to work each week (no overtime pay, obv)

    You get what you sow.

  • Bruce Audley

    Yikes! This announcement appears to have struck a nerve. Not withstanding the negative comments, Signet will be around for a long time yet. They are industry leaders and hold their place at the top of the ladder as the largest retail jewellery chain store company. It is not my intention to appear a prognosticator however, where goes Signet, so goes our industry.

    • Jim Adair

      betcha a nickle

      • Bruce Audley

        I am up in Canada so a U.S. nickel is going for almost 8 cents here. We no longer use pennies so as a Canuk, I will need to make my side of the bet an even 10 cents (love the rounding off). We need a date so are you comfortable with February 14, 2019? I think using Valentine’s Day is particularly appropriate for a life changing bet such as this!

        • Jim Adair

          you’re on…….and…….regardless of the exchange rate……Canadian nickel is ok

          • Bruce Audley

            Sweet! I’ll snowshoe on over to the bank’n place tomorrow and pick me up a nickel.

          • Jim Adair

            probably ought to just start the mail it process. It has to go by bobsled so about time it gets here you will have lost anyway