Signet Chief Operating Officer Resigns

Signet’s chief operating officer Bryan Morgan, in the job since January, has resigned.

An 8-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission said Morgan resigned “due to violations of company policy unrelated to financial matters.”

It did not elaborate. Morgan could not be reached for comment.

Morgan joined Signet in 2007 after earning an MBA from Harvard Business School and previously served as senior vice president of corporate supply chain management and facilities. He was promoted to chief operations officer in January, succeeding veteran exec Ed Hrabak.

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2 responses to “Signet Chief Operating Officer Resigns”

  1. Oh well nothing new with this UK company. Just wait more and more to come. Little by little all will come out. Watch those credit aging reports for US accounts. Soon that night mare will arise and then all will break out. To bad its a shame. This company could have been a great story of the largest most wanted place to work. They need to see how Zappos does things. Share with the employees and take care of all field employees and store employees share a good commission and good salary’s for all divisions of brand names. Make all equal and treat all employees with respect and if your race and gender should have no factors on any terms i.e. Pay, benefits affordable . and all the more perks you can add. If this was done you would see a great turn around of this company sales. But yes who am I to say this I only spent 29 years in the store level. With all those years I worked for Crescent Jewelers, Zales, back to Crescent Jewelers , Ultra Diamonds ! (Best Company ) Then Sterling Signet . Guess what Crescent was great till Friedman’s took over and the old Zales was also good days when it was Zales. and Ultra Wow they knew how to do things right! Thanks for reading Love share my experiences. Just hope all works out for the big Signet hate to see Our industry have a tarnish as the other have had in the past . Have a Great time at JCK all.

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