My Favorite Jewelry Promotions of 2017

As I have for the past five years, I would like to once again spotlight some of my favorite jewelry promotions of the past 12 months, from companies both large and small. This year, we have a strong crop of ads and promotions designed to make people smile, cry, and hopefully buy jewelry. It may have been a tough year for our business, but it’s clear the industry hasn’t run out of ideas yet.

10. Kay Jewelers – Mom Is Everything

I thought about not including this nearly-four-minute tribute to moms—which has racked up over one million views—since it was essentially the same format as my favorite promotion last year. Then I watched it. I tried to resist. But it’s just not possible.

9. Rolex – Celebrating Cinema

Rolex not only sponsored this year’s Academy Awards, it made a splash with this thematically appropriate Oscar ad, featuring movie icons sporting its signature timepieces. There’s no real sales pitch here, but it sells its brand perfectly. How many products have been worn by both the Godfather and Inspector Clouseau?

8. James Allen – Buying an Engagement Ring Online

Most JCK readers won’t appreciate the message of this ad. But you have to admire its salesmanship. It’s not only funny, but also it answers every conceivable objection a consumer could have for buying online. If you want to know why Signet scooped up this e-tailer for $320 million, it’s because of clever marketing like this.

7. Smyth Jewelers – New Rules of Engagement

This campaign for three-store Maryland chain Smyth included social media, commercials, even bar coasters. Most of the 50 “new rules”—written by millennials, for millennials—are funny (“Repeat the following mantra: ‘Her mother means well,’”), some are sales-y (“You may have found each other online, but it doesn’t mean you should buy a ring there”), but owner Tom Smyth says they are also meant to be handy.

“We know that information is good, but information that is also fun is even better,” he told the Baltimore Post-Examiner. “I believe that this campaign can be a tremendous help for the couple.”


6. Artyom’s Jewelry – Commercial

My first thought: This commercial for an Armenian jewelry chain—which features everything from fire-breathers to dancing chefs—goes on a little too long. My second thought: The end makes it all worth it.

5. Cartier – The Proposal: Jump Right In and My Favorite Song

These two cute (as in meet-cute) videos are fun, sweet, and compellingly watchable—no small feat considering there’s no suspense on how they will end. One even manages to make the song Lola sound romantic.

4. H. Moser – The Swiss cheese Swiss watch

A $1 million Swiss watch in a case made out of hardened Swiss cheese is a pretty clever publicity gimmick. (And, we are told, the watch does not smell.) What brings it to the next level is this video.

3. Albert’s Diamond Jewelers – Hosting speed dating

It all started when Donna Renee Patikas was looking for a venue to host her speed dating nights. She settled on Schererville, Ind.–based Albert’s Diamond Jewelers. You don’t have to be looking for love to consider speed-dating and a jewelry store a pretty good match. So far these events have produced at least one marriage.  We don’t know if the couple bought their rings from Albert’s. But we’re guessing they did.

Indiana speed dating

Speaking of ideas we’re surprised that no one has thought of before…

2. Tiffany & Co. – The Blue Box Cafe

What can you say about Tiffany’s decision to open a restaurant that serves breakfast, but it’s about time. And duh.

Tiffany Blue Box Cafe interior with table setting

1. Seven Oaks Fine Jewelers – Filming proposals with drones

It’s impressive enough that Seven Oaks, a two-store Utah jeweler, films its customers’ proposals for free. But the store videos them by drone. And the results truly soar.

This is my last blog post of the year. Thanks to everyone for reading JCKonline. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year. We’ll pick up the conversation in 2018.


(Image credits, from top: Smyth; NWI Speed Dating; Tiffany & Co.)

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