Painted Pretty: Enamel Jewelry on Instagram

Since the start of Jewelry Week in Las Vegas, and continuing now, no trending jewelry style has burst through my Instagram feed quite like enamel jewelry.
Here on JCK, enamel was predicted (and confirmed) to be a top trend out of Vegas, and my colleagues managed to track down an impressive list of enamel beauties on the show floor.
It’s certainly possible—probable, even—that I am now actively searching for enamel designs because I adore them so much, but even if that were true, jewelry designers have been answering that demand.
And in what remarkable ways they’re doing it. These aren’t your delicately painted pieces (though I’m sure the coating process was done with care). These are bold, bright, modern, and in many cases, kinda chunky. Think rings with big, thick shanks, wide bracelets, and hefty earrings. Even the pieces that are on the smaller size have a big appearance, thanks to their saturated hues.
As I scroll through Instagram, I’ve become increasingly obsessed with procuring my own eye-catching enamel piece for fall. I love that a piece of jewelry can be transformed into any color of the rainbow—and more—by its addition. From minty green to pale pink and orange, a crisp, clean white, and even Alison Lou’s glitter enamel (seriously, how cool is that?), the possibilities are endless. The problem is choosing just one!
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(Top: Marla Aaron enamel bracelets via: @greenwichstjewelers)