Dune Jewelry Aims to Touch the World

From the jeweler that makes wearing sand from beaches around the world in a cute package possible (the perfect gift for the upcoming list of holidays that dot our spring calendars) comes a new collection that promises to give back—in 12 different ways.

Touch the World is the new bracelet collection from Dune Jewelry that features the customer’s choice of sand or natural elements from around the world. With each purchase of a bracelet, 10 percent of its proceeds are donated to one of 12 causes.

“I wanted to make sure that my entire team had a voice when it came to deciding the causes we are supporting,” says founder and CEO Holly Daniels Christensen. “In the beginning, we had over 30 unique causes, and we finally narrowed it down to 12. It wasn’t an easy choice, but the hope is that this initiative continues to grow and we can add more causes each year.”

The collection becomes available on April 22, Earth Day, and the efforts it supports include things like ocean conservancy, rainforest conservation, climate change prevention, and clean drinking water initiatives. But Dune Jewelry is also ensuring donations to causes such as humanitarian medical care, care and research for Alzheimer’s disease, childhood cancer, and heart disease, autism awareness, mental health awareness, and animal research. The last of the 12 initiatives, opioid research and rehabilitation, is a personal one for Christensen. “My mother passed away from opioid addiction, and so for me, that was a must. Our country needs to understand that this is an epidemic, and addiction can grip even the most unexpected people.”

Dune Jewelry Touch the World bracelets
Dune Jewelry’s Touch the World bracelets

Each of the 12 bracelets represents one of the 12 causes, as designated by a unique charm that dangles from one of its ends. Each charm features a symbol of the cause it represents: a sun for climate change prevention, a cat for animal welfare, for example.

The disc at the top of the bracelet contains sands from all seven continents—symbolic of “touching the world.” If preferred, though, customers can choose from more than 4,000 sands and natural elements from Dune Jewelry’s impressive sand bank to customize their bracelets. The new collection, according to Christensen, was created to help its shoppers “give effortlessly to important causes.”

Each bracelet will retail for $30. In addition, select retailers will offer a Giving Passport, which allows customers to record their “giving journey.” Those who collect all 12 bracelets are eligible to receive a free Global Giving bracelet, when they share their collection on social media or via email.

As for other ways you can give back to the Earth: “Recycle, reuse, upcycle,” says Christensen. “Do your best, and don’t put so much pressure on yourself to be perfect when it comes to recycling. It’s all of us practicing small improvements and incremental changes that will help our Earth.”

For more information and to see Dune Jewelry’s current offerings, visit dunejewelry.com.

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