Dune Jewelry: For Those Whose Lives Are a Beach

The travel industry is big business, and for good reason—who doesn’t want to get away every now and again (or in my case, all the time!)? It’s fun to explore unfamiliar places, freeing to breathe in new surroundings, and vital to making everlasting memories.

Of the locales accounting for a huge portion of travel destinations? The beach. No matter where in the world, there’s a beach for everyone. The shores of North Carolina (I am biased, so I named that first); the white sands of the Caribbean; the pristine seas of the Mediterranean; the social beaches of the northeast. The sounds of the seagulls and the waves rolling in, the feel of the sand between your toes, and the smell of salt water is medicine for the soul—it just makes you feel good to be there.

So it’s no wonder that beach-themed merchandise is a massive market. Think about home decorating: What theme do you see more of? From the rustic signs that read “I’d rather be at the beach” to the kitschy shell-laden accessories and every nautical tchotchke in between, it’s clear that for many, if they’re not at the beach, they’d like to be reminded of the beach, in every possible way.

Another case in point: beach-themed jewelry. We’ve all recognized the popularity of the palm tree pendants, anchor adornments, and so on—many of us probably even own one or two tropical trinket. But the company that’s really bringing the beach to your showcases is Dune Jewelry.

Dune Jewelry Boho Stack ring

Boho Stack ring in sterling silver with choice of three sands or natural elements, $98

Established in 2010, the company offers “experiential jewelry,” with designs comprising materials from sites around the world. Its arsenal of materials, which Dune refers to as its Sandbank (a registered trademark of the company), is made up of beaches, mountains, even sports venues. Customers are encouraged to send in their own sand for custom pieces of jewelry, with any extra materials contributing to the Sandbank.

Dune Jewelry was founded by Holly Daniels Christensen, who started out crafting sand jewelry for friends in 2007. Noting its immense popularity, Dune Jewelry was born three years later. Each jewel is handmade in the United States with “love and sandy hands,” says the company’s website.

Dune Jewelry Heart of Sand necklace

Heart of Sand necklace in sterling silver with choice of sand, $110

You can find Dune Jewelry in the Bridge neighborhood at JCK Las Vegas this year, booth B13145.

Top: Seven Sands Traveler bracelet plated in sterling silver with choice of seven beach sands, $190

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