Diamond Shavings: Your Friday Web Roundup, Week of July 31

This week: Etsy engagement rings. The watch more revolutionary than Apple’s. And Leonardo DiCaprio is now issuing blood diamond pardons. All below.



– Industry crisis worsens: De Beers allows 75 percent deferrals; defaults, suicides in India.

– My thoughts: The industry on the edge.

– BlueDax: The system is bankrupt.

– Ehud Laniado: On the verge of a “breakdown.”

– Chaim Even-Zohar: De Beers no longer feeling the love.

– Charles Wyndham: Also blame the midstream.

– Ben Janowski: The sightholder system set this up.

– Neil Reiff: Diamond retail also in disarray.

– Michell Graff: A slow-motion car crash.

– De Beers CFO: Not the worst crisis we’ve seen.

– Anglo American shedding 53,000 jobs.

Times of India: Song has cured market gloom. Well, all right then!


Gold prices will tumble further, analysts agree.

– Platinum to stay below gold.

– Mining stocks getting killed.

– Platinum mines losing money.


It’s all Signet now: Brands gather under one umbrella.


Ritani releases state breakdown on engagement ring spend.


Engagement rings being sold on Etsy.

– Site revamps its search function.


Analysts: Amazon will surpass Macy’s in fashion sales by 2017.


LVMH jewelry, watch sales strong.


Birks Group sees slowing comps.


Former Pandora chief marketer joins Endless.


Maui Divers names new CEO.


Former JCK editor Gary Roskin to head ICA.


Louise Prior named executive director of WFDB.


Gem-A won’t appoint new CEO until after elections.

– Ousted CEO vows to fight dismissal.


Circa founder’s new venture merges with I Do Now I Don’t.

– Gemvara launches new stone-setting venture.


The ISO’s new diamond standard is stricter than the FTC’s.


Swatch’s “revolutionary” timepiece.


Mondaine releases first luxury Swiss smartwatch.


Olio raises $10 million to design fancy smartwatches.

– Introducing 24k gold model.


Best Buy to sell Apple Watch.

– Gizmodo redesigns it.

– Apple dominating smartwatch market.

– Analyst drops his forecast.


Braille smartwatch for the blind.


Does Ringly still have a place?


Retailers develop answer to Apple Pay.


Massachusetts poised to collect Internet sales tax.


Florida jeweler Shamrock put into default.


Feds, IRS raid Arizona jewelry store.


MTA worker faces murder charges in hit-and-run death of 47th Street celebrity jeweler.


New York City pays $5 million to family of jeweler killed by dirty cops.


Blood Diamonds journalist libel sentence galvanizes supporters.


Kimberley Process releases 2014 statistics.


How diamonds from Zimbabwe affect the market.

– Company forming consolidated diamond company by year’s end.

– Government arm-twists diamond firms.


Russia weighing rough exchange.


Weinrich, Gleim, and Green honored by AGS.

– Winners of the 2015 WJA Awards for Excellence.


Gil Gadot joins Worthy.com.


David Yurman hires global communications VP.


Former Tiffany chairman Henry Platt dies.


Tiffany is “forever,” SeekingAlpha says.


Zalemark to create M&M’s jewelry brand.


De Beers app spotlighted.


Leonardo DiCaprio “pardons” Naomi Campbell on blood diamonds.


Taylor Swift may have received $500,000 diamond engagement ring.


Mariah Carey definitely received $500,000 diamond necklace.


Is 3.5 cts. the biggest engagement ring in Bachelorette history?


Frozen lava yields new diamond type.


Nobel laureate lauds Washington Diamonds’ CVD technology.


British MP says Koh-I-Noor belongs in India.


Bride-to-be cleared of knowingly receiving stolen ring.


A jewelry line inspired by crumpled paper.


Watch a Florida diver discover $1 million in gold.


Women recovers wedding, engagement rings thought lost at sea.


Media Watch:

Business Insider says diamond prices are “collapsing.”

TheRoot asks if you should buy your own engagement ring.

20/20 to profile jewelry theft gang.

EverythingPR on the best jewelry PR campaigns.


From the blog:

The ISO’s New Diamond Standard Is Stricter Than the FTC’s

The Diamond Industry on the Edge



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