Britt’s Pick: The Rainbow Vault Ring by Robinson Pelham

Rainbow jewelry is always a crowd pleaser, but it’s also a category that seems to be most prominent during summer. Like most things doused in bright multiple colors, rainbow styles take a back seat to moodier hues during autumn and winter, times of the year meant for embracing jewel tones, metallics, and dark neutrals.

But it’s this tendency to avoid bright colors that could be our undoing once the holiday season transitions into winter with seemingly no end, our collective annual downtime—and by “down,” I really mean “bummed out”—that could very much benefit from a splash of color.

The point is, why wait? Why wait for the grays of winter to pass, for the flowers to show their intentions to bud, before allowing ourselves to bathe in color? Why do we welcome spring with pastels and rainbows and lovely-looking things if we’ve really been wanting them all along?

One might have to look far and wide to find an abundance of bright, multicolored clothing in the dead of winter (at least in comparison to the earthy tones we’re drawn to, appealing as they are but still lacking in a certain bounce, aren’t they?). But with jewelry, rainbows are always, always available. They’re just not as celebrated in December, January, and February, for some reason.

So we need a year-round rainbow, and this is the one.

From London-based jeweler Robinson Pelham—a master of colorful designs—this Rainbow Vault ring takes on an updated silhouette that looks fierce on the finger, with saturated hues to spare. I love the way it’s completely paved in gemstones, from multicolor sapphires to emerald, tsavorite, citrine, and topaz, but I’m also entranced by its artful detail. Look closely and you’ll see it’s more than a clustered confetti of color—the details along its curved edges provide a subtle backbone to the entire piece.

My fascination with a Robinson Pelham piece isn’t the first that’s occurred here at JCK. Last year, our own Amy Elliott was practically knocked aground by her encounter with the brand’s marvelous wares at Las Vegas Jewelry Week, and many of the rings she saw featured a similar silhouette, in varying color palettes. Earlier this summer the jeweler struck again with a showing of starry sapphire jewels, covered by Amy as well. What can I say? We have similar taste. Though, I challenge anyone to not feel at least somewhat moved by these styles.

While this piece is unequivocally my selection for year-round rainbow-rocking finery, my original message remains: Let’s all keep a little color on us as we rush through this year’s holiday season. For it may be an unusual one (though hopefully still a wonderful one), but soon we’ll be heading into winter once again. Stay bright!

Top: Rainbow Vault ring in 18k yellow gold with rainbow sapphires, emerald, tsavorite, citrine, topaz, and diamonds, £13,350 ($17,835); Robinson Pelham

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