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No Other Gemstone Goes Big Like Amethyst


Amethyst, February’s birthstone, can be special no matter its size, especially when incorporated into impressive designs. But because it is generally a modestly priced stone, it has the advantage of being more accessible in larger carat sizes for those who want a big look (according to GIA, price per carat does not rise dramatically with larger size when it comes to amethyst).

Kimberly Mcdonald large amethyst heart
Large mineral heart with amethyst, $1,050; Kimberly McDonald
GFG amethyst ring
Noir Amethyste ring in 18k blackened gold with 15 ct. Zambian amethyst and 0.08 ct. diamonds, £3,500 ($4,750); GFG Jewellery
Syna 50 ct amethyst pendant
Mogul drop pendant in 18k yellow gold with 50 ct. amethyst and 0.14 ct. t.w. diamonds, $3,650; Syna
Bhojwani amethyst ring
Ring in 18k white gold with 23.89 cts. t.w. amethysts and 2.82 cts. t.w. diamonds, $24,000; Bhojwani
McFarlane laser cut amethyst earrings
Laser-cut earrings in 18k recycled yellow gold with amethysts, $940; McFarlane Fine Jewellery

The average April baby, for example, may be accustomed to receiving a small pair of diamond studs or a pendant for a birthday gift, but one born in February could just as likely have a collection of cocktail rings, dangling earrings, and beaded necklaces.

Hamilton Jewelers amethyst necklace
Necklace in 18k rose gold with 235.97 cts. t.w. amethysts, $43,750; Hamilton Jewelers
Toktam Rumi amethyst ring
Rumi ring in 18k rose gold with amethyst, $2,450; Toktam
Bondeye Jewelry amethyst pendant
Pendant in 14k yellow gold with amethyst, $900; Bondeye Jewelry
Carol Kauffmann amethyst ring
Colors ring in 18k yellow gold with 9.5 ct. amethyst 0.4 ct. t.w. diamonds, $6,610 ; Carol Kauffmann
Shamila Jiwa amethyst Minaret earrings
Minaret earrings in 14k yellow gold with amethysts and diamonds, $850; Shamila Fine Jewelry

Of course, those are two very different stones. But these scenarios could easily influence one’s personal style, taking someone from sleek minimalist to colorful maximalist in a flash.

Alina Abegg amethyst heart ring
Love Lollipop ring in 14k rose gold with 9.9 ct. amethyst, $2,650; Alina Abegg


Chadia Hamati amethyst necklace
Necklace in gold vermeil with amethysts, $462; Chadia Hamati
Lagos amethyst ring
Extra large emerald-cut amethyst ring in sterling silver and 18k yellow gold, $1,300; Lagos
Alison Nagasue amethyst pendant
Enhydro pendant in 14k yellow gold with amethyst, $2,420; Alison Nagasue
Misahara amethyst ring
Koko ring in 18k yellow gold with 50.76 ct. amethyst, $3,500; Misahara

Maximalism is, if recent runways are to be followed, very of the moment. We’ve spent a good many years collecting petite pieces to mix and match, curating our life’s moments and personalities into these tiny treasures. And while I don’t think that’s anywhere near changing—such jewels are timeless—it’s high time to sprinkle in some larger-than-life looks.

Effy amethyst ring
Ring in 14k rose gold with amethyst, pink tourmaline, and diamonds, $2,307; Effy Jewelry
Susan Crow amethyst Melt pendant
Melt necklace in 14k recycled yellow gold with 22 ct. amethyst, $3,520; Susan Crow
Retrouvai amethyst ring
Heirloom bezel ring in 14k yellow gold with amethyst, $3,330; Retrouvaí

And so, we have February’s amethyst. A gem that loves to be big and bold.

Top: Bracelet with amethyst, clear quartz, and turquoise, $726; Bounkit

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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