May 1, 1997



it’s easy to understand why people love emeralds, rubies and sapphires. these are gems with mostly primary colors, and they are colors of passion. they also have a deeply rooted history and name recognition the world over. what’s not to love in the smoldering red of the ruby, the calming deep blue of a sapphire, the lushness of a tropical emerald? all true, and yet… many jewel…

Net News

this month, jck debuts “’net news,” a column featuring internet trends and, in the tradition of netscape navigator™, sections called “what’s new” and “what’s cool.” “what’s new” will list new jewelry-related web sites and “what’s cool” will feature useful, original sites discovered by jck staff in th…

QVC, Vicenza Join Forces

qvc, the world’s largest electronic retailer, and italy’s vicenza trade fair have joined forces to create the largest, broadest merchandising opportunity italian jewelry has ever had in the u.s., says carlo dolcetta, chairman of the vicenza trade fair board. the effort also will expand qvc’s share of the u.


dps promotes quality through new program what a difference a decade makes. the number of women ages 25-44 with household incomes over $50,000 who believe in quality has increased from 69% to 79% within the past decade, according to the diamond marketing group, a division of the de beers account at j.

Fashion Facets

design find mary schubart’s fascination with timeless patterns inspired her to create a line of handcrafted sterling silver jewelry, sculpted and sensual, with detailed patterns stacked against one another. her inspirations come from the artistic patterns of our passing millennium, such as renaissance brocades, islamic mosques, spanish tiles, gothic stained glass, celtic designs and antiq…

The ownership of ideas: The Debate Over Hinged Hoops, Cable & Tension Settings

the mental processes that prompt artists to paint masterpieces and inventors to produce life-changing innovations are the same ones that inspire the designers of original, beautiful and practical jewelry. it might be the glimpse of an ingenious machine or process the designer can translate into a wearable design or it may be the struggle to solve a problem customers have endured for years.


richard eiseman, noted jeweler, dies richard d. eiseman of richard d. eiseman jewels in dallas, tex., died in december after a long battle with parkinson’s disease. he worked in the jewelry industry for more than 50 years, beginning with reliable stores in the 1940s and then opening the first of his leased departments in the 1960s in titche-goetinger, a division of allied stores in dallas.


tavalite™: heavy metal rock concert “it’s not natural” might be your first reaction at seeing tavalite™. the metallic luster and unusual magenta, yellow and peacock colors that emerge as the stone is rotated compares with no other natural gemstone. so in this sense, your reaction is justified.

Market Place

partnership built around free trade the north american free trade agreement was created to allow three friendly neighbors to share their products. slated to be finalized by 2005, the agreement will reduce import and export tariffs on trade among the united states, canada and mexico. companies are looking toward new business opportunities as nafta makes trading outside the countries’ borde…

Supplier News

mahar & engstrom merges with casker mahar & engstrom, a material and tool business in quincy, mass., has merged with casker co. of cincinnati, ohio. bob mahar, principal of mahar & engstrom, is now a sales representative for casker in the new england states. all customers will be served from casker’s facility in cincinnati.


louisiana jewelers plan conference jewelers of louisiana inc. will hold its 52nd annual convention july 11-13 in the hilton & tower, lafayette, la. the gemological institute of america will present seminars on colored gemstones, synthetics and clarity-enhanced diamonds. jewelers also will be able to tour stuller settings and will have a chance to take the jewelers of america bench jewelers …


arts and crafts society in boston plans exhibits the society of arts and crafts in boston, mass., will celebrate its centennial with a series of special exhibitions and educational programs beginning in june. the society’s two galleries will each feature six exhibitions focusing on specific craft areas, including jewelry, metals and ironwork; ceramics; glass; furniture and wood; and fibers.

Regional Diamond Trade: In Tune With Their Retailers

chicago: serving the heartland ever since william levine started to provide depression-bound jewelers with memo goods in the 1930s, chicago-area diamond deal-ers have stressed their close ties to retail jewelers. today, diamond dealers the world over woo retail jewelers in the midwest. however, the chicagoans say they are still masters of that game.

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