Tool Time, The Goods: The Kronaby Apex Smartwatch & More


Kronaby Apex

Kronaby Apex on modelSwedish wearable brand Kronaby’s first-ever collection is composed of four men’s smartwatch styles that pair the handsome hallmarks of a luxury analog timepiece with of-the-moment wearable technology. The Apex, arguably the most casual of the four models, is loaded with useful tools that jibe with what Kronaby calls “human technology” (basically, how we operate as humans). It packs a host of usual-suspect functions, including call/text/email notifications, a step counter, and a phone finder. But the Apex also possesses several seemingly simple features that are actually rather ingenious. 

What we liked: The companion Kronaby app is beautifully designed. You assign the action you want your dual push buttons to control by dragging and dropping them into a field. You can also decline an incoming call from your watch, control your phone’s camera shutter, and send a distress signal to someone. Oh, and the Apex’s battery lasts two years.

Kronaby Apex app screenWhat we didn’t like: Where’s the women’s Kronaby? The Apex—and all the Kronaby styles—was clearly designed to fit men’s wrists. But so many of its features would benefit modern women on the go.

Best feature: The Apex’s GeoTag function lets you pinpoint your exact location—so wherever you roam, you can easily return to your original location. This feature proved especially helpful when parking at a busy mall; finding a gray sedan in a sea of gray sedans was never this easy. ($595–$675;



Slim Engagement Ring Box

Slim Engagement Ring Box

The square dimensions of engagement ring boxes have spoiled more than a few surprise proposals. Enter the Slim Engagement Ring Box, a cool new product from Presentation Box + Display (a division of International Packaging). The lean box lets the person doing the proposing carry the intended’s ring in a front or back jeans pocket without detection. And the box’s low profile doesn’t sacrifice presentation. Open the lid and the ring—which lies flat when the box is closed—pops up and forward, assuming the traditional upright position. The accessibly priced case—which comes in lots of 12—can be customized with a store name or logo. ($3.99 for 12;

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