How Do You Attract the Male Self-Purchaser?

Retailer Sean DunnRolex is probably No. 1 on that list. It’s like a magnet for guys. They just kind of float over to the Rolex section no matter what their significant other is doing. We also have an unbelievable selection of men’s jewelry—William Henry is one of our top brands. Guys become intrigued by it because of the limited-production items they’ll do. And once they get collecting pieces, we have some guys who will kind of binge on it!
Sean Dunn, vice president/co-owner, J.R. Dunn Jewelers, Lighthouse Point, Fla.,


Retailer Joseph DenaburgWatches are definitely the most popular item for self-purchasing males. We have a lot of guys who like to come in and look at our vintage and previously owned pieces—from brands including Rolex, Patek Philippe, Franck Muller, Omega, Panerai, and Hublot. We have one male customer who comes to check out our collection of jade; he rarely leaves without four or five pieces. Personally, I love brooches. I wear one every time I wear a sport coat, and it makes me happy to see more men appreciating a brooch or a cameo.
Joseph Denaburg, fourth-generation jeweler, Levy’s Fine Jewelry, Birmingham, Ala.,


Retailer Kathy CoreyFor executives, classic timepieces by Shinola and Movado have done well in our stores. Leather straps are especially popular. Men who want to express their lifestyles or passions like sport watches from Movado, G-Shock, or Reactor. Jewelry from Hollis Bahringer and Lashbrook’s men’s bands are also popular.
Kathy Corey, co-owner, Day’s Jewelers, Waterville, Maine,


Retailer Ryan KrasnerI carry two unique designers—Todd Reed and Alishan—who both create distinctive, masculine designs. Their jewelry is recognizably different, especially in a category that’s not known for creative style. The artisanal feel of both brands also resonates well with the Southern California man.
Ryan Krasner, co-owner, Harold Stevens, San Diego,

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