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Are Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings The Next Big Thing?


A canary diamond. That was the request countless brides-to-be made when shopping for engagement rings during my days in retail. Of course, we constantly had to explain to them that what they were looking for was likely a yellow diamond, which was far easier to come by and certainly more affordable, though if it truly was a canary diamond they were looking for, we could make it happen.

Picchiotti yellow diamond ring
Ring in platinum and yellow gold with 5.06 ct. emerald-cut fancy yellow diamond, 2.05 cts. t.w. baguette diamonds, 0.75 ct. t.w. trapezoid diamonds, and 0.5 ct. t.w. round diamonds, $201,500; Picchiotti
Lauren Addison yellow diamond ring
Engagement ring in 18k yellow gold with fancy vivid yellow diamond, price on request; Lauren Addison

Usually, it wasn’t. Consumers just automatically thought all yellow diamonds were canary diamonds, and a trend was growing thanks to a list of celebrities getting engaged with them: Heidi Klum, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson. Jennifer Lopez, arguably the most influential of the bunch, received a yellow diamond ring as a push present from then husband Marc Anthony in 2008, right around the time I started in retail, so it was likely the culprit for the rise in demand.

Shakti Ellenwood Haruko ring
Haruko engagement ring in 18k yellow gold with 1 ct. yellow rose-cut diamond, $1,800; Shakti Ellenwood
Uneek 8 ct yellow diamond ring
Natureal collection Jubilee ring in 18k gold with 8.01 ct. oval fancy yellow diamond, 0.66 ct. t.w. pear-shape side stones, and 0.79 ct. t.w. round diamonds, $158,895; Uneek

J.Lo has a way with swaying the engagement ring market—and she’s done it multiple times. From her first engagement to Ben Affleck with a pink diamond to the blue one she received from Marc Anthony, it seems the celebrity has a thing for fancy color diamonds (or at least, the men in her life do).

Lark and Berry Elm ring
Elm ring with lab-grown yellow diamond, price on request; Lark & Berry
Rahaminov yellow diamond ring
Ring in 18k yellow gold with 20 ct. natural fancy yellow diamond, price on request; Rahaminov Diamonds

Now that she’s back with Affleck, much to the internet’s approval (seriously, you can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing them), one can’t help but wonder if this will turn into yet another engagement ring situation we can get excited about. Perhaps this time Affleck will opt for yellow?

Alison Nagasue yellow diamond ring
Ring in yellow gold with yellow diamond and orange sapphires, price on request; Alison Nagasue
Kwiat yellow diamond ring
Engagement ring in 18k yellow gold with yellow Asscher-cut diamond, $1,625 (setting only); Kwiat

Lopez was recently spotted on the red carpet alongside Affleck at the Venice Film Festival, decked out in Cartier jewelry that featured diamonds and yellow beryl center stones. While not quite the canary diamond Affleck would surely opt for, it felt like a preview of what we might expect from their relationship (and subsequent jewelry display).

Ellie Lee yellow diamond ring
Lattice ring in 14k white and yellow gold with 0.8 ct. pear-shape yellow diamond and 1 ct. t.w. round diamonds, $9,800; Ellie Lee Jewelry
Effy diamond engagement ring
Engagement ring in 14k white and yellow gold with yellow and white diamonds, $4,897; Effy

It’s never wise to hedge your bets—or your stock—on a celebrity relationship that may or may not work out. But playful speculation on the status of this famous duo’s (possibly) impending engagement sheds light and a much-needed reminder of the beauty of a yellow diamond engagement ring, particularly at a time when consumers are shopping for something that makes them feel different.

Nicole Rose yellow diamond ring
Ring with 6.5 ct. fancy yellow diamond, price on request; Nicole Rose

A yellow diamond engagement ring offers a slight twist on something more traditional, in many cases, swapping your classic center stone for color while keeping an enduring silhouette at its core. Shoppers can feel good about getting a piece that will last forever while satisfying their thirst for something slightly less common.

In the end, it makes no difference what any celebrity has on their finger—a yellow diamond engagement ring is a steadfast winner anytime.

Top: Rosa Supernova ring with 10.6 ct. canary yellow diamond, half-moon and baguette diamonds, and pavé pink sapphires, price on request; Josefina Baillères Jewelry

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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