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Wildlike Creates “Surprise and Delight” Event to Spread Love and Kindness


Dallas jewelry store owner Alysa Teichman decided to take two gifts of February, Valentine’s Day and Random Acts of Kindness Week, and turn them into something new for her customers.

For the past week, her luxury piercing and jewelry brand Wildlike has surprised people inside and outside its store with gift cards and notes, promoting kindness and love. Teichman says the effort represents both the atmosphere she wants at her store and the impact kindness can have on her community.

“There is a lot of heaviness and polarization in the world today, and it’s great to go back to basics and be nice,” Teichman tells JCK. “I truly believe the antidote to everything that’s happening that’s unpleasant and hard is kindness.”

Wildlike note
Wildlike’s “Surprise and Delight” event combines Valentine’s Day love with the joy of Random Acts of Kindness Week through notes and gift cards for customers.

For Teichman, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate all kinds of love—romantic, friendship, and familial. She hopes people who’ve received a gift card during Wildlike’s “Surprise and Delight” event will use it themselves to buy jewelry, share it with someone they love, or pass it along to a person who might need some cheer.

“Wildlike is all about self-expression and joyfulness. We hold space for people to feel like their best, most beautiful selves and hope they will bottle up that feeling and bring it into the world to create a ripple effect of kindness,” Teichman says.

She held her first Random Acts of Kindness event in 2023 when she treated the staff at the Jubilee Park and Community Center, a local organization where she serves on the board of directors, to a complimentary piercing party. She partnered with a rideshare service to have the Jubilee employees picked up at work and dropped off at Wildlike.

“The response made our team feel so great that we decided to ‘anniversary’ the week of kindness festivities,” Teichman says.

Wildlike store
Wildlike owner Alysa Teichman was interviewed by a Dallas area TV station about the “Surprise and Delight” event.

“At the end of the day, we provide a service and sell jewelry, but we all look at it as so much more than that,” Teichman says. “The experiential component of our business can make people feel a certain way, and we so proud to be able to do something that makes our community of Wildies feel like their best selves when they leave our stores.”

Teichman debuted her business in July 2021, giving it a name that reflect piercing’s broad appeal, she says: People can feel as safe or as wild as they wish through their piercing choices.

Wildlike has a New York store, which opened in mid-2023. Teichman’s parents also work in jewelry, operating Dallas-based Ylang 23.

Top: Alysa Teichman celebrated a blend of Valentine’s Day and Random Acts of Kindness Week at her Dallas piercing and fine jewelry store, Wildlike. (Photos courtesy of Wildlike)

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