What Sold In Stores In 2012

The best part about JCK‘s weekly column, What’s Selling in Stores, is that it gives retailers all over the country an opportunity to talk about the trends they see in their stores and allows them to share their expert opinions on what customers want and why they want it.

Throughout the year, we’ve heard them singe the praises of trends, like rose gold and colored stones. We’ve also seen perennial bestsellers, such as Rolex watches and engagement rings, bring traffic and sales. And let’s not forget hot designer brands like Tacori and Pandora that have rocked it across the board.

Here are some of the past year’s bestsellers:


Tacori and Simon G were at the top of the wish list for brides-to-be in 2012.


Tacori platinum ring (courtesy of Tacori)

Elizabeth Diamond Company, Dayton, Ohio. Tacori platinum ring, style number HT251012X, $6,180 (center diamond not included) “It’s a very clean and classic style,” says owner Sonu Singhvi. “Tacori chooses well-cut, bright diamonds and platinum has been a very popular metal lately.”


Tacori diamond halo engagement ring (photo courtesy of Tacori)

Yelton Fine Jewelers, West Chester, Ohio. Tacori Blooming the Stone halo ring, starting at $3,995. “We’ve seen people starting to look for something a little different than the traditional halo ring,” says owner Mark Yelton. “In this one, the halo is tucked under the diamond a bit so it’s not necessarily a focal point and doesn’t jump out as a halo ring, though it technically is.”


Simon G diamond ring (courtesy of Simon G)

Sonny’s Diamonds & Jewelry, Denver Simon G 18k white gold and platinum single band featuring a 1 ct. princess-cut diamond, $3,500. “I think Simon G’s designs are easy to wear,” says president Michael Nedler. “For many years people were selling the single halo and now everyone’s got it. People are looking for something different and Simon G has a wide variety of styles. Plus, people are comfortable wearing it and it’s well-made for the price.”


Simon G. diamond halo engagement ring (photo courtesy of Simon G.)

Sparrowood Jewelers Inc., Raleigh, N.C. White gold and platinum halo engagement rings from Simon G., $2,000 to $4,000. Owner Jo Sparrow says she’s not sure why the halo design continues to be so popular, but “I think that’s changing slowly. It may be changing a little more slowly here in the South.”


Simon G two-tone 18k rose and white engagement ring (Photo courtesy of JCK Marketplace)

Goldsmith Co. Jewelers, Provo, Utah. Simon G two-tone 18k rose and white engagement ring with round white diamonds and round pink diamonds, $3,500 (center stone not included). “These details are unique and different,” says owner Will Feller. “People are always looking for unique pieces. They often go for the two-tone or the colored stones, whether it’s bridal or fashion.”


Without doubt, 2012 was the year of rose gold.                      


Bulgari B. Zero1 3-band ring in 18k rose gold (courtesy of Bulgari)

Weston Jewelers, Weston, Fla. Bulgari B.Zero1 3-band ring in 18k rose gold, $1,680. “It’s very simple and super elegant,” says chief executive officer Edward Dikes. “It has the Bulgari name behind it and it’s a great price for the quality.”

Simon G 18k white, yellow and rose gold ring with white and yellow diamonds (Courtesy of JCK Marketplace)

Meyers Jewelers, Columbus, Ohio. Simon G 18k white, yellow, and rose gold ring with round white diamonds and round yellow diamonds, $4,320. “It’s a very unique style,” says vice president Scott Weisman. “Rose gold looks best with white gold and accents of yellow diamonds.”


Bulgari pendant and chain necklace. (Courtesy of Bulgari)

Royal Jewelers, Fargo, N.D. Bulgari pendant and chain necklace in 18k rose gold, with mother-of-pearl and pavé diamonds, $4,150. “The color of rose gold is fantastic and Bulgari offers a very unique style,” says manager Todd Salmon.


Surprise, surprise: Rolex was a favorite among watch experts, both for men and women. So much so that we even dedicated a week to vintage Rolexes.


Rolex Submariner (photo courtesy of Rolex)

Heller Jewelers, San Ramon, Calif. Rolex Submariner stainless steel with black bezel, $7,500. “It’s kind of a classic style, but sportier. It can go from classy to dressy really well,” says store manager David Fitts. “Also, men like the gadgets, like the rotating bezel.”

Ladies 31mm Rolex Datejust (Photo courtesy of Rolex)

Jackson Jewelers, Salem, Ore. Ladies 31mm Rolex Datejust Oyster Perpetual Steel & Everose Gold with 24 diamonds set in Bezel, 11 diamonds set on chocolate roman dial, and Oyster bracelet, $11,000–$15,000. “Rolex as a brand is recognized worldwide as a high-quality, technologically advanced heirloom timepiece that rewards its wearers with great looks and durability,” says marketing coordinator Sydney Lathrop. “Our customers see their Rolex purchases as great investment pieces with timeless style.”


Rolex gold sport watch (Courtesy of Polacheck’s Jewelers)

Polacheck’s Jewelers, Calabasas, Calif. Rolex gold sport models, $29,000–$50,000. “These are completely on fire for us right now,” says co-owner Brent Polacheck. “They’re bold—and when men only wear one item, they want it to be big and gold.”

Fashion Jewelry:

Sapphires and Pandora beads charmed shoppers throughout the year.


Pandora Holiday Collection (Images courtesy of Pandora.)

Lewis Jewelers, Ann Arbor, Mich. Pandora sterling silver fall and holiday charms, $35–$40. “Because of the new releases and the holiday season, these are definitely the bestsellers at the moment,” says Muffy Largin, Lewis Jewelers’ Pandora specialist. “The store has carried Pandora jewelry for nine years and it’s been busy throughout. We have a Pandora shop in shop here.”


Pandora love charms (Images courtesy of Pandora.)

Wiggins’ Jewelers, Lebanon, Tenn. Pandora love charms, $30–$75. “Pandora brings a lot of people into our store. It’s a go-to for gift shopping, for men especially. A lot of men get the love ones for anniversaries,” says marketing and sales manager Mindy Simmons. “Add-ons are easy gifts. Also, we keep a wish list record so we keep up with what charms our customers already have.”


Pandora bracelet (Courtesy of Pandora)

Williams Jewelers, Denver Pandora beads, $30–$75. “Pandora is the fashion right now,” says owner Steve Williams. “We reorder beads once a month.”


AHEE Collection sapphire necklace with trapezoid diamonds (Courtesy of Edmund T. Ahee Jewelers)

Edmund T. Ahee Jewelers, Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich. AHEE Collection 4k sapphire necklace with trapezoid diamonds, $15,000. “Sapphire has a timeless look,” says marketing director Anthony Ahee. “Customers feel like they can wear them with all sorts of different [clothes].”

Sapphire diamond earrings (Courtesy of Iroff & Son)

Iroff & Son, Alpharetta, Ga. Sapphire diamond earrings, $1,850. “These earrings are elegant, delicate, and clean,” says owner and graduate gemologist Brian Iroff. “A lot of men have been buying them for their wives. It’s a fast seller.”


Marco Bicego 18k gold multicolored sapphire drop earrings. (Photo courtesy of Marco Bicego.)

Johannes Hunter Jewelers, Colorado Springs, Colo. Marco Bicego 18k gold multicolored sapphire drop earrings, $1,220. “Marco Bicego is one of our best-selling fashion designers,” says owner Linda Hunter. “It’s a great line and we promote it well.”


A colored sapphire and sterling silver bracelet from Dilamani (Photo courtesy of Dilamani)

Mark Diamond’s Jewelers, Albuquerque, N.M. Dilamani multicolored sapphire jewelry, $300–$1,200. “You get this big bold look for a very inexpensive price,” says sales associate Joe Mares. “And the variety of colors is great.”

Did you see these trends in your store? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.