Valentine’s Day 2018: Jewelry Promotions on Instagram

Valentine’s Day is big business in the jewelry world, but that doesn’t mean that sales are always a given. That’s why social media is a valuable tool for many to spread the word about products, sales, and promotions going on in-store (or online), since—let’s face it—consumers have a lot of choices this year.

Over the end-of-year holiday season, I highlighted retailers’ holiday store decor, and in a similar spirit, I thought I’d look and see how jewelry businesses are promoting Valentine’s Day this year. The result, as you’d expect, came with plenty of heart jewelry (what better occasion for it?). But I also saw clever uses of color and jewels that would be considered unusual as far as traditional Valentine’s Day gifts are concerned.

There are calls for romantic gift-giving, but also reminders of self-love (why shouldn’t you buy yourself something for Valentine’s Day?). I also found some interesting promotional tie-ins (flowers with your purchase, or how about a wireless speaker to crank those romantic tunes?).

Timely trunk shows also seem to be a theme, and many jewelers are offering promotional codes for online purchases (something that an online shopping junkie like me would have no problem making use of). Other posts were more a celebration of love—more about branding and messaging than any particular sale.

I’m curious as to which forms would work best, though I have a hunch that the posts featuring calls to action and links to shop would have an edge. Here’s our look at how the jewelry industry is handling Valentine’s Day on Instagram this year.

There are only two days left before the most romantic holiday of the year—how is your store greeting the occasion?

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