Triller, the “Adult Version” of TikTok, Looks to Make Its Move

Any way you slice it, TikTok is in trouble. Regardless of whether the social media platform is actually barred from download in the U.S., controversy around it is growing at the same time that new competitors are coming to the table. Triller is one of those hoping to compete.

The social media platform, which is video-based and operates much like TikTok or Instagram’s Reels, was recently ranked at the top of the App Store in countries like the U.S., the U.K., Brazil, Germany, France, and Australia.

Whereas TikTok was once mainly rooted in music (remember when it came on the scene described as a karaoke app?) but has since become home to a variety of content, Triller is all-in on music, specifically hip-hop (though, as it becomes more popular, we’ll see how long that lasts). It’s so grounded in hip-hop at the moment that the app has raised investment funds from giants of the genre like Snoop Dogg, 21 Savage, and Migos.

While the app has been around since 2015, its recent aggressive marketing is seen as a response to the Trump administration versus TikTok fiasco this year, leaping at a prime time to usher the popular Chinese platform’s audiences its way. While Triller’s popularity among influencers has yet to be determined, it has reportedly poached former TikTok stars, including Josh Richards, who, while I have no idea who he is, has 20 million followers who do.

It’s early for Triller. So should you jump the TikTok ship and hop over to the maybe up-and-comer? Not necessarily, but join Triller you should, at least to poke around. For those already initiated into the ways of TikTok, having a parallel Triller account is like a safety net should Microsoft not be able to reach a deal to purchase the app in peril. For those who aren’t really into these music-based apps for fun, it’s still not a bad idea to dip a toe in and get familiar with their younger customer base.

And the way Triller’s co-owner (and film producer) Ryan Kavanaugh described it on CNBC, it isn’t just an app for the young. As the “adult version of TikTok,” the app seems open to expanding its audience beyond the typical Gen Z segment. At the time of this writing, it has been announced an hour previously that President Trump has opened a Triller account, declaring himself “a professional at technology.” Do with that what you will.

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