Trend File: Your Store’s Next Hot Hoop Earring Could Be Oblong

Classic hoop earrings in all sizes—from huggies to styles sharing dimensions with dinner plates—were arguably the earrings du jour this past fall and are still trending strongly in a number of markets.

But how many classic hoops can a designer churn out, really? And once a consumer invests in, say, one pair of large and one pair of small hoops, she’s pretty much all set with that style.

But jewelry’s trendiest designers and brands are predictably ahead of the game, and have been busy creating cool new variations on the hoop earring.

Among the chicest mutations I’ve seen are earrings that hoop in an oblong shape, usually elongated rectangles and ovals.

The trend for oblong forms was likely catalyzed by influential French design house Céline, which debuted a series of beautifully spare oblong hoop earrings on the runway last year, and is selling them still.

Now brands at every level are picking up on the allure of the elongated shapes.

Here are a few of my favorite oblong hoops on the market now.


Vermeil hammered hoops, $760; Céline

They’re so fundamentally basic, but is there a woman alive who wouldn’t wear the heck out of these? They’ve definitely been copied plenty by mass brands.


Large Iris earrings, $340; Pamela Love

These are a chic blending of tubes and chains married with that signature Pamela Love louche.


ASOS Metal Oval Spiral Earrings

Metal Oval Spiral earrings, $9.50; ASOS 

Paper clips gone wild! Alexander Calder–lite! All for the price of a fancy sandwich. 

ASTERANDANTICS hoop earrings

Oblong Bronze hoops, $108; ASTERANDANTICS 

Original and organic-feeling, these open hoops borrow from tribal design traditions and make for great daily-wear earrings.


Modern Weaving Oblong Oval Studs.j

Oblong Oval Stud earrings, $180; Modern Weaving  (image courtesy of Stone & Strand)

An open design, uneven lines, and a matte sterling patina make these post-back hoops a minimalist’s dream.


(Top image: Shashi Oblong Hoop earrings, image courtesy of Shopbop)

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