The Top 10 Most Popular Jewelry News Stories of 2012

Of all the news covered on this year, the single most viewed story—by a long shot—was senior editor Jennifer Heebner’s trend report for 2012. With 27,000 hits, the piece, which came out at the end of December 2011, dominated our Google Analytics scores virtually every month since it went up.

Clearly, you’re hungry for trend coverage. Synthetic diamonds, engagement rings (celebrity and otherwise), gold prices, lawsuits, auctions, and J.C. Penney’s revamp are also topics of extreme interest to you, if the thousands of hits these stories garnered are any indication.

Consider us notified! Trends for 2013—and all the other news that’s fit to upload—coming your way soon.

12 Jewelry Trends for 2012

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57,000 Carat Emerald, Called “World’s Largest,” Up for Auction

Undisclosed Synthetic Diamonds Appearing on Market

Colorless Synthetic Diamonds Are Being Sold on the Internet (Finally)

12-Year-Old Entrepreneur Starts Online Jewelry Business

Where Do Olympic Gold Medals Come From

The JCK Power List: 50+ Movers, Shakers, and Tastemakers in the Jewelry Industry

J.C. Penney Plans to Eliminate Cash Registers by 2013

10 Products That Revolutionized the Jewelry Trade

Warren Buffett Calls Gold Price a “Bubble”