Real Gems: The People of JCK Las Vegas

Well, JCK Las Vegas was, as ever, a whirlwind. I was there and back in a flash, my head left swimming with sparkling, colorful jewels. Oh, the jewels. I admittedly focused on rather large, show-stopping pieces this year (I didn’t even shop!), so the memories are of insane diamonds and sapphires, opals and tourmaline. But let’s talk about the people: After all, isn’t it the people behind the brands, creations, and words, that make it all worthwhile? Though we go to discover the jewelry, gemstones, new technology, and more, I think it’s those who stand behind all of those things that keep us coming back. I regret not taking enough photos of all of those people this year, but I do have a few to share. I hope that you made as many new, wonderful memories as I did to hold you over until next year!


Yours truly enjoying delicious cake (and laughs) with JCK‘s amazing editor-in-chief, Victoria Gomelsky (Photo courtesy Emili Vesilind)

The Kirk Kara family celebrates 10 years of JCK Jewelers’ Choice Award-winning designs. (Photo by the author)

Omi Privé‘s Niveet Nagpal and Adam Graham, rocking some sweet man brooches. (Photo by the author)

Trying on earrings from her new Vince & Prince collection with designer Dallas Prince. (Photo by the author)

The annual #VegasGems dinner with some new, beautiful faces. Clockwise from center right: JCK managing editor Melissa Bernardo; yours truly; jewelry designer Katrina Kelly; Diamonds in the Library‘s Becky Stone and husband, Devin Stone; jewelry designer Judi Powers; Piece of Karat Cake‘s Caylee Kozack; writer Peggy Jo Donahue; jewelry designer Shamila Jiwa; Communiqué‘s Rebecca Moskal and Christine Purdue (Photo courtesy Shamila Jiwa)

Pictured at top: Yours truly with industry legend Bill Furman and JCK managing editor Melissa Bernardo

3 responses to “Real Gems: The People of JCK Las Vegas”

  1. Wonderful article and beautiful pictures, Britt! It was amazing to see you as always and thanks for everything you do for the industry! JCK is not just a great place to do business, but it’s a wonderful time to reunite with dear friends and colleagues! Always a blast!

    • I agree, Carolyn! It was so fun getting to catch up with you—and I love that photo of the two of us! 🙂

  2. Brittany…..Wanted to thank you for such an amazing visit to our booth at JCK! So much FUN to style you in Dallas Prince Designs! You are such an asset for Designers…..thank you!

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