Bill Furman to Retire from JCK and JIS

Bill Furman, the legendary JCK ad manager known for his unfailing energy and the boundless pep in his step, will retire after 45 years selling for JCK, most recently as a sales executive for Reed Jewelry Group’s Jewelers International Showcase (JIS) shows.

A born salesman who radiates enthusiasm for good food, good times, and just about everyone who crosses his path, Furman joined JCK in 1971 after two years of teaching. In June 1992, he helped launch the first-ever JCK Las Vegas show, and eventually helped launch reams of other notable JCK products, including Luxury magazine, JCK Japan, Vista Joyera, and New York Diamonds.

A JIS statement notes this marks his 26th year “jumping around” the JCK Las Vegas Show.

In addition to sales and launching events, Furman became JCK’s unofficial gourmet editor, writing restaurant reviews for its regional show guides.

Yancy Weinrich, senior vice president of Reed Jewelry Group, said, “When I retire, I’d like to be remembered like Bill Furman—someone that was passionately committed to his customers, and made friends and a family amongst our industry.”

We hope to have more on Furman’s incredible career soon.

(Photo by Victoria Gomelsky)

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